Paul N. F. (2 Dec 2011)
"Our Final Accountability Will Be to Our Maker"

Our Final Accountability Will Be to Our Maker
By A. W. Tozer

So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.                                                 Romans 14: 12

       It was the belief in the accountability of man to his Maker that made America great at one time.  One of our great leaders was Daniel Webster who confessed: "The most solemn thought that has ever entered my mind is
my accountability to my Maker!"

       Men are free to decide their own moral choices, but they are also under the necessity to account to God for those choices. That makes them both free and also bound--for they are bound to come to judgment and give an account of the deeds done in the body.

       You have probably heard the concept that every man stands only before the bar of his own reason and of his own conscience.

       This is the infamous relativity of morals that is taught in many of our universities and colleges. Our young folks are taught that each man is a law unto himself and that good is whatever brings social approval and that
evil is whatever brings social disapproval.

       If that were true, there would be as many moral codes as there are human beings, and each one of us would be our own witness, prosecutor, judge, jury and jailer!

       No, God is not going to make man accountable to himself; neither is He going to make you and me accountable to the law, finally, nor to human society, finally.
        We are accountable to the ONE who gave us being. We are accountable to the ONE out of whose heart we were loved, and who laid HIS laws upon us.  The idea of man's accountability only to himself is so silly--as scarcely to be worthy of consideration!

Yours in Christ,
Paul N. F.