Pineman (27 Dec 2011)
"Re: Rudy Wallace ,Take Heart Pineman & A Challenge for the "Obama is the AntiChrist Crowd""

Dear Rudy & Doves:

I was surprised by the intensity of the push-back from the
"Obama is the anti christ crowd". After speed reading through all the responses, writing a short retort and emailing it off to John Ting I closed down all the open windows and went off to do a workout. I must have still appeared somewhat stunned and was glad that everyone at the gym was in such a good mood.

You are right that other men have also been designated as the AntiChrist but I have never observed that so many watchers are so emotionally invested and spend hours and hours writing up papers defending such a thesis and attempting to disprove anything that deviates from this so called certainty. It is an article of faith for a significant subset of the watchers; their protestations to the contrary not withstanding.

I have seen many time-lines and studies that were loaded with Biblical imagery and scriptural quotations only to have these theories come crashing down like so many houses of cards. 
Although the discourses of the "Obama is the anti christ crowd" are tedious I know that each of these watchers is gifted in different ways. I would love to see them apply their talents to the thesis that you also support and has been so well articulated by Patrick Heron. The challenge I am posing is to both the "Obama is the anti christ crowd" and other watchers as well. I've read much text about progressive revelation and how we can't put God in a box and we need spiritual eyes that can see, and not being close minded ad nauseam. I am not charging the "Obama is the anti christ crowd" with anything but am merely saying "What is good for the goose is good for the gander".

Yes, it is possible that President Obama is a true believer; he needs our prayers no matter what his status.


An interesting note: 144 days from 12/25/2011 is May 17, 2012, Ascension Thursday.  144 days from Ascension Thursday is October 08, 2012, Shmini Atzeret. Ascension Thursday is my best guess for the Rapture and Shmini Atzeret is my best guess for the beginning of the 2550 day Tribulation. The Rapture window therefore is from Nisan 14, 2012 to Tishrei 22, 2012. Click here for more info. Of course this analysis could be wrong and Daniel's 70th week will not begin until Rosh Hashanah 2013.