Pineman (17 Dec 2011)
"Rudy Wallace - Patrick Heron and the Anti Christ"

Hello Rudy & Doves:

It is so easy to have some knowledge of the Word, have a few synchronous experiences and make conclusions that will not pass due diligence. The length of the tribulation, the identification of the Anti-Christ, the timing of the rapture, Daniel's 70th week are things that some want clarity on. Patrick certainly does minimize the "noise" from the outside and focuses mainly on the Scriptures.

Digging deep into the Word entails not discounting parts of Scripture simply because they do not fit in with pre-conceived notions. It is similar to letting the data inform you of its reality rather than trying to manipulate the data in order to inform others of your reality. (I use the word you in the general sense. Also the data posted by Steve W reveals something deeper that the AFA failed to notice. They used the raw data to reinforce a bias).

I would like to hear from the various schools of thought, regarding their man as the AC, on how they explain the "the beast out of the sea".  As far as I know none of the AC candidates meet the prerequisite that he was , is not but will be. Some try to get around this by alluding to JFK or a dead pope. Only a fallen angel that takes on the appearance of a man can meet this condition.  And as you say Rudy, the scripture supports the idea that angels take on human appearances; a spirit man.

I agree with your speculation that there is a strong tie-in to the UFO phenomenon. The scenario you draw is entirely feasible.


Rapture Ready published "Prophecies Of The Antichrist" a 13 part series by Patrick Heron: