Phil Rogers (27 Dec 2011)
"With My Testimony: Goodbye!"

My Testimony of God's Working in my Life                     12 -22- 11
Now that my time is coming to a close in preaching Christ's coming and His Kingdom, I will offer to you my testimony of God's working in my life!
          My testimony has been offered in the abbreviated version in the manuscripts of mine called "God's Timeline, Amazing Facts or Coincidences (Or are they?)" in 2000, and revised in 2001-2!  Except for my website, I have tried to leave my testimony out of what I preach and teach concerning Christ's Coming.  I did not want my testimony to be a reason or a distraction to what God  has (I believe) called me to preach and teach from His Word!  And or a reason to hear/ read what it is I do teach!  So this is and has been my life for what it is worth!
At the age of 16 I had been a born again Christian for nine years. However, at the age of 16 and hormones starting to rise, I found the dating process a great waste of time. I was shy, and talking in public or to girls was very difficult!  At 16, I summoned the courage to ask a girl out for a "date"!  As I said before, a waste of time!  I was more interested in my playing tennis, and doing so well!
So what did I do? I asked God to give me the wife that I was to spend my life with.  Of course she had to be of the same Faith.  Namely a "born again" Christian.  Also with the same ethical and biblical values that is the responsibility of the Christian couple in marriage.  The Lord answered my prayer on only the second date I ever had.  The following year at 17, and graduating High School, I was in need of a date for the year end tennis dinner/banquet. 
By mid senior year, I had begun to drink in celebrating early of getting out of High School.  And I was only graduating with a "C" average, but I was already working in the Grocery industry!  The girl I asked to this dinner/ banquet was from Church and the same Sunday School class as mine!  Needless to say, the date itself went well. So much so that when it was over and I arrived home, I told my mother that I was going to marry that girl!  ”. I thought my mother was going to have a heart attack! After the three months of summer pursuit, I must have won her heart (God only knows how). We got married a year and a half later at the age of 19 (against her parents' wishes). 
And during these 2 years from graduating to marriage I had steadily been drinking at an increasing rate!  And by the time of our wedding, I was a clinical Alcoholic.  But out from under parents thumb/ scrutiny and being under their roof for 2 years, I did thank the Lord for bringing me the girl I asked for to wed.  And almost in the same breath, I said to Him, "thank you Lord, but don't call me, I will call you"!  Within the first year of our marriage, I was drinking at an ever greater rate and amount, and I stopped going to church. ( And because of this, the conviction by the Holy Spirit ever present when I started to drink!  When that happened, I drank all the more, just trying to drown out His words and RUN from God by being drunk!)  And as such, my actions caused my wife to stop going as well!
The Lord let me continue as a functioning alcoholic (barely at times- have had 3 driving blackouts) for the next 22 years!  My alcohol of choice was beer.  However I was very fond of Rum and Vodka as well!  From the 2nd year of marriage and my running away from God, leaving Church, I was drinking a minimum of 4-5 cases of beer per week!  I was drinking one case of beer per weekend day and 2-3 cases during the week, usually Mon. Wed. and Fridays.
Things did start to come to a head and problematic in the early 90's and I was no longer a "functional alcoholic", as I got into losing drunken fight!  I had to call in to work as not able to report for duty and too drunk to do so! By this time I had left the Grocery industry and was a local seasonal truck driver delivering milk to schools.  With the report of alcohol related absence, the Company mandated I get treatment and proof of starting such treatment!
This is how I became of record in AA through Kaiser Permanente.  But even so, I attended only 3 meetings.  And that was for 2 reasons. The first is their 12 step "higher power" beliefs to which I could not stand being a born again Christian!  Second is the drying out process as I had to show up to the 2nd meeting with the DT's so bad that I was shaking at the meeting.  And with these DT's came the hallucinations/ phantoms that people refer to as the 'pink elephants"!  I quit after the next week's meeting (I could not afford to be off work) and started back drinking even more than before!  This happened again as around 1994 I tried to quit on my own with the help/ support of my wife and family!  The result was the same! And from that point on, I was drinking on average 2 cases of beer on each weekend day and 3-4 cases during the work week!  The work week was again so as to not hear the convicting voice of God and to pass-out so as to be able to sleep for the remaining night!
By the time (late August 1997) the Lord said to me through His conviction "enough is enough", I was drinking seven cases or more of beer per week.  How this happened is as follows.  It was the 3rd Sunday morning of August, 1997.  I woke up to my wife getting ready for Church (she had been  back to church for the last 10 years, as she knew the need for the children's sake and her own)!  This was around 6:am as she was the Choir's secretary and in charge of set up.  By the time the family was leaving for church around 6:45, I had already had 2 beers.  As they left, I went to the refrigerator for my 3rd beer of the am.  As soon as I grasped that can of beer, I was on my hands and knees, and hearing the word of the Lord in my heart, mind and soul saying, "Enough, you are of no use to Me this way.  Repent, and turn back to me or else I will take you home"!
Now I knew exactly what this meant. That if I didn't repent that the Lord was going to kill me and take me home!  (Now-2011, I regret my choice)  It was then I cried out, "my Lord and my God, forgive me, I'm sorry, I have sinned against you and my family!"
That cry from the depths of my soul was so loud, it literally shook the windows of my house!  It startled me so, that I knew it was no dream and I thought for an instant, what will the neighbors think or do? Mine own answer was "who cares?"
I knew what the Lord's intent was from the beginning.  And that was to heal me of my alcoholism. (answer to prayer from my wife and family for over 20 years)  I then told the Lord, "Do not heal me as a recovering alcoholic!  Do it completely, as if I had never had a drink in my life!  BUT put a foul taste for alcohol and especially the beer in my mouth"!
As soon as I uttered that last word, my body began to shake and I could feel every aspect of the poison of the built up tolerance to alcohol, and demonic oppression being sucked right out of my body!  I looked around, thanked the Lord on high, and saw the refrigerator door still open and that can of beer on the floor!  I got up, looked at that can of beer and just laughed!  And I noticed that I also had no hang over from the 2 cases of beer I had the day/ night before!
I proceeded to go through the entire house and dump all the hard alcohol and the 15 + cases of beer I had on hand (for the last 3 years always had a min. of 10 + cases)!  When my wife and children got home from church, I told my wife what had happened.  I showed her the empty and crushed beer cans, but her reaction was "Uh huh, sure!" (unfortunately for her, she would not believe it for over 4 years)
Now for 22 years to this point, I had only been in A church for my 2 kids baptisms, and a few special choir recitals for my wife. As far as not going to church, as a "back-slidden" alcoholic Christian, at least I was not going to be hypocritical about it, to show up to church as in one life and then at home living another.  Both situations would be astounding lies! 
 I did not even know where my only Bible was.  I haven't had a Bible in my hands for at least 20 years!  And that was one of the 1st things I did along with purchasing 2 books from J.R. Church's ministry. The two books were "Number in Scripture" by Bullenger and The Gospel in the Stars by J. Seis.  When I received these books, I read both of them in  3 days!  Don t ask me how!  I waited a full month before going to church with my wife and kids.  The main reason was to be sure, that with work, home life, going to the store with my wife that there was no withdrawals, no DTs, that I had experienced with trying to quit from alcoholism twice before.  Yes, there was nothing! 
In Oct. of 1997, I then started back to Church with my wife and kids.  I was blessed that there was a bible Sunday school class being taught by a good teacher who would later become a very good friend of mine and my wife's!  His study of the class was starting at Genesis. Three to 4 weeks later, in Nov. our teacher gave us some weekly homework that led me into the book of Luke and chapter 21.  I don't remember exactly why, but at the end of the day and going to bed, I asked the Lord, "What is the generation to the "Fig Tree" and why?" 
At two o'clock in the morning, I bolted straight up in bed, and KNEW where to find the answer for my question to God!  And it was in the book of Numbers in regard to Israelis' wandering in the wilderness.  I don't know why but at that point I began writing on the prophetic aspects of "time" with the 1st article "The Maximum Time Left Before Christ's Return", which would become a manuscript of over 300 pages in just 2 years!
Yeah, hehehehehehe, don't ask me how I was able to write what I did on the subjects that I did. With little education, no Bible education and not even being in church for 22 years prior to the start of writing on these things, when looking back, it has me in awe!
Now the following year in 1998, my family had to change Doctors from Kaiser to Blue Shield and doctors of our choosing closer to home.  When my new coverage Dr. got my Med. file from Kaiser and saw that I had been in their AA program and substantiated with high blood alcohol levels and the DT's, my (still current doctor) doctor ran every battery of tests to be connected with severe long term alcohol abuse!  He ran the tests for Kidney function, Liver function, eye exams, cognitive brain cell degeneration, speech degeneration, and Diabetes!
What he told me 6 months later in late 1998 was, "Someone is lying to me!  Either Kaiser, you and your wife (yes, he was also my wife's new doctor as well), and family or both of you are lying to me as to you previous alcoholic condition!"!  "If what you say is true, then you should be nearly dead!  At best, with full blown Diabetes, hardly able to speak coherently and nearly blind from the alcohol abuse!"  I laughed, and told him what I'm telling you now!  And even to this day, he takes the same battery of tests once every 12-18 months!  You see, all of my tests at the time (1998) came back normal with no signs of alcohol use let alone abuse, with 20/20 vision as well!  Yes, I thank the Lord almost daily for this, but what is the reason?  Just to answer my family's prayers for my deliverance of alcohol??
From that instant to this date, I have not had a "withdrawal" symptom, or any craving for the alcohol at all.  Again, I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for His fully healing me.  Believe me, I do know the difference.  .  As to the validity of my life then (pre August by 1997) and now, is my testimony here and the testimony of my life after Aug. 1997 and by my wife and two children. If you have any doubts to the mercy and the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ, I suggest that you contact them (As long as they are still on this Satanically controlled planet, and have not been raptured by the Lord at the time you are reading this.).
From My Manuscript in 2000:
" In October of 1997, two months after the Lord had healed me of my alcoholism, that I was doing some biblical research on a subject matter, for my Sunday school class. Yes Adults, it is no shame or anything juvenile to say "Sunday school". Because that is where you actually "learn" and "grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ”.
(2 Pet 3:18 KJV)  "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever. Amen."
And from this time in 1997 with what I knew and was taught of prophecy, I was looking for and teaching that Christ's Coming should be shortly before Rosh Hashanah of 2000 (Sept.).  When Rosh Hashanah came and went and no "rapture", I went to the Lord asking:  "Why Lord?"  It was only in a little bit of time that the Lord began to open up to me the reason why we were still here in the "Feast and Famine Years of Joseph and most importantly, the "Time of Jacob's Trouble" and the "Day of the Lord"!  This is the reason for the "Epilogue" after the so called Conclusion in my original Manuscript!  I later made and offered a "Revised" version from Jan. 2002, in which I cut out more of the (in my opinion) extraneous numerical material.
But because of the material the Lord opened up just after Rosh in 2000, I was not expecting Him to return until shortly before Rosh (Sept) of 2002!  In fact, from 1997 to the present, there has only been these times I have actually looked for the Lord to come for His Church AND these times have come and gone without a correction before the time has passed!  1- shortly before Rosh of 2000;  2-shortly before Rosh of 2002; 3- shortly before Rosh of 2007 (and this was corrected at Rosh of 2006 with the Advocacy of Christ being opened up by the Lord) ; 4-6/ 3-5 - three times in Jan/ Feb.. of 2011, leading by the Lord to Purim Katan and the start of the counting of the 1335 days to Tabernacles in 2014;  7/ 6- AT Passover (spring) of  2011 after which was the 70th week of Daniel revealed that it MUST be a/ the Sabbatical cycle, in which is why the last time I am expecting the Lord to come a year later in; 8/ 7th and last time in spring around Passover of 2012! 
So, yes, since 1997, I have only been looking and AM looking and expecting the Lord's coming in what is called the resurrection/ rapture 8 times.  But actually only 7 times as the Lord, Himself cancelled that time of expectation for Rosh of 2007 by a whole year to 2006.
Now after Rosh Hashanah of 2002 had past, my wife could not stand my devotion to the Lord and my preaching and teaching of His soon coming!  She had had it with Y2K,  then looking for the Lord at Rosh of 2000, then finally her hopes dashed and crushed after Rosh of 2002!
Even though, my time on the internet (primarily to the Doves) and on the phone was 99% done while she was at work or when she was asleep, I did my best to not neglect her or the kids during our waking hours together.  However, I still had to preach Christ's coming and Kingdom, to that which I knew at the time. My wife did not want to hear ANYTHING in regards to God's prophetic Word,  And shortly in 2003, she gave me an ultimatum. That unless I stop with the writing, studying, reading of Bible prophecy, she was going to kick me out of the house and we would separate to our marriage!
Since we were both Bible believing Christians, DIVORCE, was not an option!  Neither one of us were unfaithful to the other as in adultery!  I loved my wife very much, and so thankful to the Lord for His healing me of my alcoholism in 1997, and has given us 5 great years of a sober marriage!  Even though I believed what my wife was asking of me was wrong (to curtail my relationship with the Lord and preaching of His coming), I loved her and our new found marriage the Lord gave us!  So I capitulated and did as she demanded, to keep our marriage intact!
For the next year and a half, it was very frustrating, in church, Sunday school class, at home, reading God's word, seeing what He was showing me and changing my understanding and doctrines concerning His prophetic word!  But still, through that time, the "timeline" of 1993- 2014, still never changed!  Just the understanding of what the middle and last seven years are to be for.  But that stumbling block of what my wife and her demands had become was also taking its toll on me. The frustration of not being able to openly discuss with my father, Sherry Vance and a couple of others from the Doves was beginning to mount.  But, I gave my wife my word, that I would stop with the overt interest in "prophecy"! 
It wasn't long after that year and a half that my wife started having pains in her feet and lower legs (June/July)!  Went to the Doctor of course. But found nothing.  In September of 2004, the pains started to increase dramatically. By November, she was in the Doctor's office once a week, and going to the E.R. for the pain 2-3 times a week!  In the first two weeks of November, she was into the E.R. nearly every night!  Her Doctor, finding nothing by X-rays, MRI, blood tests of her feet and legs, did nothing but prescribe stronger and stronger pain meds. And would not authorize more extensive diagnostics such as a full body MRI!  By this time of those early weeks in November, I had a good idea of what was happening to my wife but also why.
At the end of the 1st 2 weeks of November, my wife was in ER again and the ER doctor on duty, when looking at her chart, seeing that she was in ER nearly every day for the last 2 weeks, over rode my wife's doctor's orders and admitted her.  And then ordered a full body MRI scan. BUT by this time the pain was so bad she had to be taken into the hospital by wheelchair, and before the MRI could be done, she was paralyzed from just under the breasts down to her feet!
Yes it was cancer.  And a type of cancer that is most common and found in infants and toddlers.  Very rare in Adults!  When the Hospital Oncologist came back to the family 2 days later after admission and prelim. diagnosis, I knew that the cancer was terminal.  He confirmed my suspicion, and said that at the rate of coverage of the cancer, he did not expect my wife to live to see the new year (4-5 weeks), with or without "Chemo" treatment!  By God's grace, in the using of my wife in the hospitals to give her testimony and continued faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, He kept her alive for the next 5-6 months!  In the 2nd month (Feb.), the cancer Dr. said to me, "I don't know why she is alive, she shouldn't be!"
It was shortly before bringing my wife home to die that my wife's brother came to me privately and said: "Phil, I swear to God, that I would have bet my house against anything, that with all you have gone through with Linda (my wife), that you would have gone back to drinking and would have been a drunken mess!"  All I said to him was, "when the Lord Jesus Christ heals, it is done right!"
Finally on May 6th, 2005 the Lord took my beloved wife of 30 years home to be with Him.  I was very grateful and yet deeply mourned my wife for 4 weeks and in total for 6 weeks.  At the end of 6 weeks I began to look for a wife and started dating again (I loved being married to my wife and I still had a lot of love to give to a woman). Again, ha!  I had only two dates prior to this in my entire life!  And as before, I asked the Lord to bring me the wife He wanted me to have!  A wife that would not be a hindrance or stumbling block to my teaching of His coming and Kingdom! 
Four to five weeks later in mid July 2005, the Lord brought me and my wife Mary together. AND WHAT A WONDERFUL WIFE INDEED!  I fell in love with her on our 2nd date (two more than my 1st wife) and we dated intensely for  6 weeks and became engaged in October. We wed in June of 2006 and after a month's honeymoon in Hawaii, it was only 2 months (September) later that the Lord opened up and brought the scriptures to my mind concerning the Advocacy of Christ!  The REASON WHY Christ could not come for His bride until the "midst of the 70th week of Daniel"!
It was the month before (August) that while having to get a D.O.T. physical, that I looked up at the TV and there was a news station interviewing this black, junior senator from Illinois. The comment in the interview made that his family was of the Islamic faith, while he himself was a "Christian", just made me laugh!  I went home after my physical and told my wife that I believe I just saw who will be regarded as the coming Antichrist! She asked who, and I told her his name was Barack Obama!  And she said "WHO IS THAT?"  And I told her and said, just watch him in the future. She did, we did, and Obama has not disappointed us in the slightest.
Well, we hadn't been married but  4 months when my wife's father had a stroke and we had to take him into our home!  During the next year to two (2007-8), being busy with trying to work, taking care of an invalid father in law who was starting to suffer with dementia and in home care personnel, and my wife who was in need of her own medical needs (cause from before marriage), writing was not easy or time for it available!  But at the beginning of 2008, and knowing of Jacobs Trouble and its start of great economic trouble at the end of the year (Rosh Hashanah), I was able to get most of our retirement investments cashed in. And we were looking at something big to happen before year's end.  We weren't disappointed with the crash on Rosh of 2008 and the fall of the Dow by 777.68!
The day after that crash, I told my wife that it was time to make the video for the internet and to get my son to build a simple website for the preaching of Christ's soon coming and Kingdom! 
Yes, that crash and its ending total was of no surprise, as I had LONG before been teaching on the "7-7-7"  years of Jacob's trouble!  Actually, we just laughed at the total the Lord brought this to be!  Then on Thanksgiving day about a month and a half later, while getting ready to make this video seen on the website, my father in law, suffers a massive heart attack.  We all get to the hospital with him, but my wife tells me to go back home and make this video with my father in  law's care-giver!  This is the type of supportive wife I asked the Lord for after my first wife (unsupportive) was taken from me!  And with the support of hers, she has been part of some of the most remarkable and downright miraculous signs I have ever heard of!
In January of 2009, my web site went online. Along with it came my wife's deterioration of her health (she had 2 work related falls/ accidents in 2005 as we were just engaged and as of Feb. 2008 she had to quit work medically and no income until Oct. of 2009 when workers comp complied and caught up to her claim) to the point that she could not drive herself to the many Workers Comp. Doctors appointments she had weekly.  The meds for her pain made it impossible for her to drive.  In preaching Christ's coming everywhere I/ we go, including her Doctor's appointments and the nursing home()s)  in which her father had to be admitted to, I saw no choice but to quit work early toward my retirement to take care of my family.
At the end of March, 2009, I quit work and depended greatly upon the Lord for our lively hood and the continuation to keep the website running and preaching Christ's coming where ever we were!  I had to quit quite early and even before my retirement age became effective.  And I'm not talking about age 65, but 55 for early retirement!  I was without any personal retirement income for a year and a half until I reached 55 in Sept. of 2010 (except for my deceased wife's death retirement benefit)!  So if looking at Social Security as retirement age, yeah, I retired over 11 years early.  But the Lord provided for us and for others close to us so that we could help them as needed.
Then to the discovery on Rosh Hashanah 2010 of what I was given to understand from 2006 in the Advocacy of Christ! As to why scripturally Christ could not come for His Bride/ Church until the "midst of the 70th week of Daniel"! Found in its complete type from the Gospel of John and Chapter 7!  Showing the 7 years in the feast of Tabernacles with the overlaying Sabbatical cycle and Sabbath day/ year!
Then to the Lord moving my expectation 3 times of His coming in regard to the 1335 days in late Jan and early Feb. 2011, until the time and count found Purim Kartan and count to the 8th day of Tabernacles!  Of which can NEVER happen again i n over 50 years searching!
 Finally in April, May of 2011, the Lord revealing that the Sabbath year of what I preached is such a necessity of and for the Lord's fulfillment to His Kingdom, for many years, and that its cycle is what the 70th week of Daniel is and always was a part of.  And finally, seeing that the PRECISE literal interpretation of the text in John's Gospel when it says "ABOUT the midst of the feast" refers to that time of the Gentiles/ Jacob's trouble!  And the overlaying Sabbatical cycle is the 70th week of Daniel in which the Lord's coming "as it were in secret" must be reconciled to both references of time!
This is my testimony of God's working in my life (and it's not all of it) to the purpose of preaching His coming and Kingdom.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity to do so, but at the same time knowing, that I would not have done the same thing again.  The taking home of my first wife from her children for this cause was too high of a price for me. But even though the Lord allowed great trials in my life to this cause, He has also blessed me greatly in a wonderful and supportive Christian wife for these last days!
  However, I'm grateful that we are at the end of this timeline that that the Lord started with me back in 2000. One way or the other, my time of preaching is over.  Either the Lord will be coming by Spring of 2012 or not!  Either way, I'M DONE!  I will see you in glory whenever the Lord's timing is!
Thank you Lord it is over!  At least for me it is!
In looking for the last time, the Lord's coming and Kingdom:
Phil Rogers