Phil Rogers (14 Dec 2011)
"To Lydia and anyone else"

Hi Lydia:
It is too bad that you had to take offence personally when I said :
 ""Now I also have recently heard that for some people what I write is "TOO LONG" and is too much of a bother to click on a link to another website"!"
You see, your comment initially was just a CATALYST of the general problem in this world!  Even news reports of the global technology has people IN GENERAL expecting their information in the "U-Tube" manner of 7 min. or less!  This is why I didn't refer to you directly!  But my reference was to " have recently heard that for some people what I write"!  Yes, some people, I didn't say "you" or Lydia!
You brought up the problem in general (basically of what and how I write) and I took the general to the point of sarcasm and yes, calling someone lazy IF they can't click a mouse on a link!
The sarcasm and the name calling of someone to be lazy would only bother someone if it has a ring of truth to the individual!  Then it is their conscience which is being pricked!
You said:
" I don't believe that anyone who knows me would call me lazy. I have a family, work full-time, and am studying for certification in my field, so my time to spend reading these days is somewhat limited."
Hahahaha, again, I never called you lazy did I?  But above of what you said, in my opinion is your excuse or reasons for wanting more concise, shorter articles of information.  You see, it doesn't matter how much time you have.  What matters is what you do with the time that is given you!
For instance: with your busy life, if it would take you a week to go through one of the LONGER articles at my website ("Conspicuously Missing"), but a friend who has more time in their day, goes through it in 2 days, do you feel slighted that they got the information sooner than you did?
And don't feel as if I were "picking on you" personally!  I have seen this problem with people beginning as far back as 1999-2000 when I began writing and teaching on Christ's soon coming!  And most notably from my own parents (father a retired pastor) and friends and siblings!
And thank you for the scriptures Lydia!  I love and agree with every one of them!
So remember, most of the time, when I reply to someone, I write for the benefit of the majority!  Like when you said:
" Personal attacks aren't necessary when you are speaking from a position of truth (and I'm not referring to your eschatology here)."
And as I pointed out,  the accusations were not personal!  Someone would have to take it that way IF it were true for them!
" They only serve to make you look defensive and insecure."
That's ok!  I never cared what anybody thought of me anyway!  I never have taught and preached Christ's coming based on what anyone thought of me!  Which is why, I don't give any part of my personal testimony as lead in to articles I write!  I don't look for notoriety or any response for what I write!  I have received very little in the 11 + years that (I believe) God has called me to do this.   And I have withdrawn my testimony from my website long ago! As it is, my full testimony sometimes scares people!  I want no one looking at what I write concerning Christ's Coming and Kingdom because of me.  What I preach has nothing to do with me and ALL to do with Jesus Christ and the fulfilling of His Word!
In looking for Christ and His Kingdom:
Phil Rogers!