Phil (28 Dec 2011)
"Australia v India First Test Match Starting on Boxing Day"

John and Doves,
Hi there and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Down Under, here in Oz, we have a Christmas ritual every year where we have a Test Match (International Cricket Match over 5 days) starting on Boxing Day
at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). Naturally it is televised around Australia and this year it is against India.
I noticed in this morning's  TV News the following interesting figures regarding the Australian first innings. (The teams each play two batting innings and Australia
won the toss (of the coin) and chose to bat first).
Australia's first innings score = 333 all out. 333 = 9 x 37.
Number of 6-ball overs bowled = 110. Therefore the total number of balls bowled =660. However, one noball (illegal ball) and two wides were bowled so the number was
actually 663.
Run Rate (Runs scored per over of 6 balls) = 3.0272727.
Players in each team = 11.
Boxing day is day #360. (6 x 60)
Interesting numbers to be sure. I'm not saying this match can be or was fixed to generate these scores but it shows how some some things just work out.
Blessings and keep looking up,