Penny Walker (9 Dec 2011)
"blood moon Repost"

Hi John and faithful Doves,
A recent dream, I've had a few over the past month but I thought this might interest some here.
I was with a young man or teenager who I felt had learning difficulties, possibly Downs syndrome.
As we were travelling possibly by car a huge moon began to rise, it felt like it was right next to earth,
it was so so close to earth I felt it might touch, it was smaller than earth as earths horizon continued out further than
the "moon" at either side.
I wish I could draw this it would be so much easier.
It was an amazing orange red colour, but as it rose it became darker at the bottom, until it was the richest ruby wine or
blood colour at its base and the most stunning array of reds, oranges, purples up to its top, but most definately shaded
darker at the base and lighter at the top. I cannot do the colouring effect justice it was spectacular.
For some reason I turned to the boy and said " Don't worry it's only Jesus, He's funny"  why I would say that I have no idea
maybe to calm the young mans fear.
As the whole sphere sat massive just above earths horizon it suddenly shot away from earth at great speed back to where I would visualise the moon would usually be.
The boy and I then were in a room, he was hungry and in the ajoining room there was lots of food and many people,
but he "didnt want to go back in there"
He saw a plain bread roll which he wanted, I went to get it for him but once there found lots of lovely food that wasnt previously
Sorry if a bit convoluted, hard to describe.