Patty Hayes (17 Dec 2011)
"Re: Marie who has loved her Doves daily"

Dear Doves,
I am writing to share with you about a dear friend of mine, Marie Achgill and a dear friend and avid reader daily of the
5 Doves. Some of you may remember her occasional input.  She read so very many of the inputs from so many of you.
I am her caregiver and have done so for under 2 years. Marie is now declining in health and not able read her Doves
like she would want to.  I try to share with her what I can and I know she would love to know you all are still looking
up and as well would welcome praying for her.  Her Thyroid medications have been adjusted but as her daughter has
termed it well,  her "thinker" is not thinking well.  She is not able to ambulate but only a couple of steps and needs
very much rest.  Her speech is also affected and memory as well. 
I have asked the Lord to keep her here in her home through Christmas unless our much loved GREAT EVENT happens
in which I am sure that would be just fine for Marie to forego her Christmas.  Marie's birthday is Christmas Day and for
those who have read some of her inputs and others I am sure she would welcome your prayers. 
On her behalf I would like to extend an early Christmas greeting to each of you all. Merry Christmas!  And if you have
time to send her a Merry Christmas greeting, I would love to share those greetings to her.  It would certainly make
her Christmas light and full of rejoicing. 
In His love and service,
Patty Hayes