Patricia S (31 Dec 2011)
"Counting the 7 years"

Hi John and Doves,
Happy New Year to you all.
Having some thoughts about the 7 years, thought it might be interesting to some.
Because of Jubilee years of 1917, 1967 and the next would be 2017 I have believed and trusted that the second coming to earth by Jesus would be in 2017 and that we would be raptured 7 years before that time, well now that tomorrow is the beginning of 2012, there is no way we can squeeze 7 years into that gap or even 2018, the only chance we have of this being done and part years fitting the time would be before Israels Independance Day which is April 26 2012 to their Independance Day 2018 and counting the independance days as years without the actual number of days per year for the first part of the 7 year period and this is where the time may have been shortened and how it has been shortened
Easter Sunday 2012 is April 8 This calculation would give us the end 3.5 years and only 2 years and 3 days for the first - very shortened for the 2017 Jubilee second coming or for those looking at 2018 another year upfront but certainly not 3.5 years x 2
Yom Kippur 2018 subtracting 1260 days comes to April 8 2015 - during Passover.
All is good and all is in Gods perfect timing, we just need to be patient and obediant until he comes.
Patricia S.