Ola Ilori (5 Dec 2011)

Hi Doves,
Peg Fenn had a dream in 2000, 7 Years after her husband went home to be with the Lord.
It appears that her husband is expecting her to be with him on a Christmas Day. 
Peg Fenn writes:
"Walking up a very steep hill. The sky is very blue, no sun but it is very bright.
As I reached the top of the hill. There is a brick fronted greenhouse.
Its small panes are steamed up and as I approached to look inside. I could see rows and rows of reds, whites and yellows. 
All Christmas plants whose leaves were a beautiful shiny
waxy green. 
I could see Poinsettias in all colours, Christmas cactuses, roses, lilies and begonias, amaryllis and hyacinths.
The steam was coming from an overhead steamer in the nursery spraying the plants with a steady stream and helping to keep them fresh.
The small droplets on these windows and on the plants were all covered in rainbow colours.
A Christmas greenhouse!!
As I walked around to the side of it (I remember my husband saying before he died that he would build me one but never did.)    
There was a door and I realised that this really was  a house with an attached greenhouse.
The door opened and my husband was standing there smiling.
He was very young, looked to be around 33 or 34 and said, 
"This is the greenhouse and house I promised you".
In the Year 2007, Becki had the following dream,
She writes,
"I would like to tell you all about a dream that I had in 2007.

It may just be only a dream, but it seemed so real to me.

In March of 2007 my sister past away. Oh, how I missed her so much. We were very close. We saw each other almost everyday or we would talk on the phone. She was 40 when she passed away.

After she died, I had prayed and prayed to the Lord to please let me have a dream about her because I missed her so much. After a couple of months I got my dream.

In my dream I was so happy to see her. We were walking down a road and she wanted to show me a store. The name of the store was "Temple Mount Gift Shop". Inside the store was thousands of bicycles. They were everywhere. You could hardly move around the shop for all the bicycles. They were even hanging from the ceiling. I ask her why is there so many bicycles, and she told me that there would be lots and lots of kids here for Christmas.

Well, I just knew that the rapture was going to be Christmas of 2007. I have wondered if maybe the Lord was letting me know the season that the rapture would happen. After pondering about this dream, she didn't say this Christmas (2007) she just said Christmas.
This might of been just a dream. But, it is a dream that I will never forget. It was so vivid and in colour. I usually don't dream or don't remember my dreams. I haven't had a dream about her since.

Just wanted to share it with you all."
On the 14th of October 2009, Patty RP posted the following,
"Last night I had my first ever Rapture dream.  I dreamed that I was raptured at night, during Christmas.  It was pitch black outside with the stars shining brightly.

Somehow the molecules of my body were rearranged (changed in the twinkling of an eye) and I literally flew through the walls of my house.  I could not feel the walls, but I could feel great joy knowing where I was going.

I looked down and I could see it was Christmas time as the houses were decorated with lights and I saw lighted candy canes on lawns.  I kept going up, up...and I didn't feel any cold whatsoever even though it was winter.  There was no time to put on a heavy coat and it was not needed anyway.  Above me were the lights of the stars and below me were the lights of the decorated houses.

The only thing wrong with my dream is that it seemed to last so short a time.  I would have loved to have dreamed this for hours, but it seemed only a minute.

I have had other fantastical dreams like flying, running on a lake, like many of you have...but this one was the first ever dream of being raptured even though I have obviously been thinking about that subject for quite a while.  Also, it was the first ever dream I have had of Christmas, in my life.  I certainly experienced lots of Christmases, but don't recall ever dreaming of it...

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I said to myself was:  I have to tell the Doves!"
Let's all continue to watch and pray, for we could all be Home for Christmas in 2011!!!