Neil Lipken (5 Dec 2011)
"85-year-old Woman Strip Searched at JFK Airport----a warning sign for the totalitarianism that is most certainly coming to Amerika!"

In the early 1930's most German citizens did not see what was coming down the road for them, and many of those citizens did not want to see and put their heads in the sand!  The same thing is happening in Amerika today, only what is coming will be much worse than what happened in Germany!  And you know the saddest part of all of this?  The true church that belongs to Christ is always the last bastion of truth, and those "believing" churches in Amerika today are by and large totally silent about what is happening!  The pastors are failing to warn the American people of what is coming, instead giving very lukewarm sermons about a bunch of nothing!  Israel is now 63 1/2 years old, and these End Times are going to be wrapping up!  The Rapture lies ahead, and then the worst 7 years that the world has ever seen (the Tribulation Period)!  During that time there will be concentration camps in Amerika, and people will arrested at the will of the government, put in these camps, and executed as the "authorities" so desire.  It is truly a shame that the pastors in Amerika are asleep, fearful they will lose some of their "building fund", diluting the gospel, and refusing to tell their congregations the truth about the times we are living in!