Nando (24 Dec 2011)
"Where are we in time concerning the return of Christ and the Rapture? Comment to Math Man article"


Dec 23, 2011 Where are we in time concerning the return of Christ and the Rapture?

If all of Math Man’s assumptions and calculations are correct then it means that we are well into the Tribulations. I have my objections that I expressed in an article yesterday about this timing. There are simply to many factors that must be fulfilled and that do not logically fit into those calculations.

Among the factors are the two witnesses and the 1/4 of humanity killed in the first four seals, plus all the earthquakes and disasters that happen in the seals. If each of the 7 seals, trumpets and cups of wrath were given equal time values the middle would be at the fourth trumpet, The witnesses are killed on the 6th trumpet after 1260 days of testimony. The sixth trumpet is close to the 4th but it implies that the two halves are about equal in the time allotted for each of the three seven’s of judgment.

We must look at the book of Revelation as well as the other books of the end time prophecies for timelines. Only the real timeline will work all the prophecies together in a perfect synchronicity of time and events.

Personally I believe it is all beyond the capabilities of any human to synchronize and take into account all that is pertinent and disregard all that is not.

Nevertheless your search is worthy of praise from us watchers and it confirms the unmistakable fact that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist. This alone anchors our time to the period of the end times and the coming Rapture of the church.