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Sept 7, 2011 How to locate Planet X and Nibiru

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This article is about the comet Elenin and Planet X and how to locate them in the sky. To help the readers I made a full circle protractor using Autocad and it is in this PDF file below. You can print it to a regular paper or use a transparency paper to superimpose it in your monitor to measure the angles between the earth, sun, Elenin and Nibiru at a certain date.

In the month of September both Elenin and Nibiru can only be seen during the day as the graphs from NASA shown in the article on pages 38 and 46 of 92 show using the link below.

The closer you are to the Equator the better this procedure will work because at 12 noon the equator is at 90 degrees with the sun.

To located the ecliptic plane at 12 noon raise your hands to make a cross and point your right hand to the place in the distant where the sun rose in your area. Remember Nibiru can only be seen using an infrared filter.

The 92 pages article:

The protractor:

SEXTANT Model (1

On the 92 page article above page 38 it says that Nibiru is situated right on the ecliptic plane at 0 degrees of inclination.

If you go to page 46 you will see a graph for Sept 11, 2011 and there using the protractor provided above you find Nibiru at 12 degrees to the right of the sun and Elenin at 25 degrees to the left of the sun. If you go out today Sept 7, 2011 it should be very near these degrees.

On the same page there is another graph in Sept 27 where you see the Earth, Elenin, the Sun and Mercury are in perfect alignment, and you will find Nibru at 22 Degrees to the right of the Sun.

The earth should be feeling the effects of this alignment in the form of earthquakes and solar storms and who knows what!