Nan (5 Dec 2011)
"Question for Mathman"


Thank you, John, for providing this site for those who believe in Jesus, and in His coming to receive His own.


Mathman, I am not mathematically inclined at all, but right now, God has prompted me to write a letter to my unsaved adult children. Since I don’t know which ones are saved—the spiritual fruit is lacking in a couple, and the other two aren’t walking with the Lord at all. Anyway, I have written the letter, but would like more concrete proof about all the prophecies being true. Or, something like what Josh McDowell did in More Than a Carpenter. Just something that is provable to make them start thinking. Is there any simple way I can prove to them about the infallibility of the Bible? I would like a few facts and figures about the prophecies that have come true, and those that will soon come true, to make my kids start thinking. (I hope I’m making sense.)


Thank you and God bless!