Mike Thompson (14 Dec 20111)
"A question of the real father of O and maybe a parallel"

After the election of O, two youtube videos on a possible connection between him and MalcolmX were removed from that site.  They are back on, a "Forensic- pictorial" investigation by Phil Valentine, a black man who express great admiration for X.
  I know very little about Phil and do not know what faith he has.
The parallel I see is:
People thought Joseph was Jesus' father.  He was not.
People thing O Sr. is the father of O.  He may not be.
The years before Jesus' ministry began are a blank except for an episode at age 12 (?).
Nothing is known about the years before O ran for the Senate, except his attendance at grade school in Indonesia. All records are missing/ blanked out/ unavilable or lost.