Mike P (27 Dec 2011)
"To Gerlinda......About obama invoking another god"

Nice work! I knew something was up with the whole menora denigration show that was put on by him in our countries capitol. After reading your post and doing some research, I believe you are correct in your analysis and fear another ritual has taken place by the usurper in charge. More deception and deeper dark sentences being spewed at his audience of Rev. 2:9. His lowering of the middle candle and the meaning of tikkun ha-olam that he uddered in his speech, go hand in hand with taking away from Jesus Christ
as being the TRUE LIGHT of the world! Man does not have the ability to reconcile the sins of this world as put forth by this teaching of tikkun ha-olam. It must have come from Babylonian balony that was used over the "House of Israel" to control the masses and curral
them into Paganism. True redemption is "of The Lord." I read somewhere that Mr. "ZERO" carry's around a little statue in his pocket and that he worships the god of forces.....wander who that might be?  I believe that he is destined to possesion by Apollyon that will be
released from the bottomless pit of Revelations. Could this angel from the bottomless pit, Apollyon, be the healer of the "head wound" suffered by the Beast of Rev. 13, at the beast's possesion, thus curing his head wound? Between now and the spring of 2012 will be very interesting to say the least. If he is who we think he is, then the next sign will confirm it without a doubt. And if that is the case, then it means that he will be the one in charge of the hoard of locusts that torment men for 5 months Rev. 9:10. It would also mean that we are very ,very close to the rapture of the bride. At that point, the son of perdition will have been totally revealed and the last 42 monthes of this world will be in BIG trouble! If you have ever read Tom Horns book....Apollyon Rising,"Mr. Zero" would seem to be the perfect "fit extention" of Nimrod, the first antichrist.  And we all know that paganism is from Babylonia and is used to draw away true worship of the
only TRUE GOD.....Jehovah Almighty God and his son and our savior, Jesus Christ. Could this tikkun ha-olam have originated with Nimrod?