Mike P (24 Dec 2011)
"Frank Molver.....you are wrong about the monora..."

When you zoom in to the picture, you can clearly see that the middle candle
holder has been alterred! It is plain as day! I am a photographer, and assure
you that the candle holder has been alterred....the photo has not caused any affect
that would make the middle candle shorter by some 4-6 inches........in my
humble oppinion. This is not a case of photo manipulation...it is a case of
subliminal messaging being sent out by the perpitrators involved. In fact, it is so obvious
that I question your reasoning. Please elaborate your findings. Am I wrong?
Maybe....5% out of 100% chance, but not likely. Reasoning can be subjugated
by the mere amount of evidence substanciated by a matter. In this case, the reasoning
is overwhelming.Punch