Mike P (17 Dec 2011)
"A word to Charles.....about We are in trouble & Some good news"

I have been where you are now with the whole Christmas scenario. I am now 52 and my children
are raised. You are spiritually correct. You are scripturally correct. Your best bet is to PRAY for
guidance and read your own post about Some Good News. Allow Gods peace and quietness to
come over you and let the spirit move your loved ones by flowing from you and your understanding.
You can only fight this world's system with the spiritual armor of Jesus Christ. Calm your anger with
his love and allow the light of Christ to shine unto your loved ones and pray that he will heal your
marriage and bring your wife to acceptance and understanding of your love for her and your child.
I know your mental anguish and deep feelings about this matter. Personally, from my experience,
I have told everyone how I feel and have "come out of her"........that is out of this worldly system of things
which is the system of the beast. We are all in different levels of the truth. As you know, it is not easy
picking up your cross to follow the Lord. But he will give you the strength you need to follow him and
the understanding, to not get discouraged by the hardships of this life, but to take the pain as chastening,
for those he loves. I have tried to make my choices easier for my family by telling them that I no longer
keep the traditions of men, but honor the Holy days of God and am trying to learn about them and follow
them. My present path has brought me to a peace in my spirit as my love for the Lords ways, and days
of proper worship, have blessed me to the point of shouting out.....Praise ye the Lord, in Jesus name, AMEN!
Keep heart my brother! You are not alone.
Mathew 7:7,8    7. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened
unto you:  8.   For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh
it shall be opened.
Don't let this destroy your marriage! Keep your peace and your wits about you and pray for your family.
Jesus will take it from there. He is not a liar! You will get results. He knows your situation and understands
your feelings. It is your wife he is concerned about, as you are. So let him take over the situation and you
will be fine.
                                                Your brother in Christ,