Mike Curtiss (3 Dec 2011)
"Jean 12/07/11 Pearl Harbor's 70th Anniversary"

Hi Jean and the Five Doves,

       When you look at connections between the 70th Anniversary of the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor and the upcoming day of Sudden Destruction, let me enlighten you with a message I received by the Holy Spirit.

       December 7th 1941 was called a day that 'will live in infamy' by President Roosevelt. Please note that FDR used the present tense in his Declaration of War speech to Congress. When Americans look back in history, only Americans look upon December 7th 1941 as 'a day of infamy'. Church bells rang throughout the cities of subjugated people's living under the Nazi's in Europe,. Celebrations also took place in Japanese occupied Asia, Africa and the British Commonwealth territories. America's entry into the conflict was cause for great celebration everywhere. Even the architect of Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto understood the core values that defined America in 1941. America has always been about fighting the good fight of faith, the struggle between good vs. evil was final and complete. After, 'the day of infamy' and the entry of the United States into WWII, the second world war was certainly not at an end, but the whole world knew it was the beginning of the end. 

       Never before in the history of man has warfare been so costly to so many people; words like blitzkrieg, concentration camps, genocide and 'total war' were forever burned into human consciousness. Unimaginable weapons were developed to destroy entire cities. The aggression displayed by Japan for sinking battleships in Pearl Harbor was answered many thousand fold by nuclear fire. Nuclear blasts generate the heat of the Sun instantly. This ultimate fire of 30 million degrees Fahrenheit humbled the resolve of the Emperor of Japan. Does everyone see a pattern developing here? We have the sunken and flooded battleships of Pearl Harbor answered by retaliatory blasts featuring a fire the strength of the Sun. The detonation of nuclear bombs appeared upon the global stage along with the concept  of mutually assured Destruction, or MAD. It suddenly became possible for mankind to destoy himself many times over. The war we are now engaged in far surpasses the 70 million those who died in WWII.

        The association of infamy to December 7th has only just begun. Basically, we now know that FDR did everything possible to involve the isolationist United States of America in WWII. FLOODS, FIRE, famine and death engulfed came to the Western Hemisphere after Pearl Harbor. It must be known that the truth always matters to the Almighty, especially when it comes to satan, WWII and FDR. He was exposed as a great friend of worldwide communism by the Verona Project.  Briefly, American Intellegence agencies had been secretly reading the mail traveling between Moscow and the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. by taping into the underwater telephone cable under the Atlantic Ocean. Up until the fall of the 'Evil Empire' of satan's USSR, most American citizens viewed FDR as a wartime hero. 

        After the Rapture, we are told a new and improved conflagration will follow as the Day of Sudden Destruction. However, today we live in an era of push button warfare. A dozen nations are known to posses nuclear weapons, ICBM's and monstrous stockpiles of chemical agents and nerve gasses. To those left behind after the Rapture, infamy won't begin to describe the gut wrenching emotions of remorse, pain and shame that every lukewarm Christian, Jew and pagan will suffer. 

       The reality discovered in the intercepts reveals that Roosevelt was complicit in taking the USA to war in what can only be called a coming out party for worldwide communism. FDR surrounded himself with members of the communists. they weren't awake and paying attention to God's many messages available in the sun, moon and the stars. December 7th will become a greater infamy for those Christians and Jews who are asleep. True grinding and gnashing of teeth will take place at every house of worship, home and workplace. Every soul on the Earth will experience a profound sense of infamy, shame and guilt.