Mike Curtiss (27 Dec 2011)
"Israel Wants Arabs to Pay for 1948 Pogroms against the Jews"

Dear Doves,

          We in the West have heard the complaints of Arabs seeking compensation for lands allegedly taken from them when they followed Arab radio propaganda commands and the loudspeakers outside their mosques, which urged them to flee from the Levant in favor of 'safer' refugee camps set-up in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. People formerly known as Egyptians, etc, suddenly became landless refugees known erroneously as the Palestinian people. Yes, the Midstream Media has rebranded and relabeled primarily Egyptian citizens; the Palestinian people. 

           Since 1948, the entire Arab world has refused to make these homeless people citizens of their countries. Israel absorbed millions of Arab refugees that today are known as Israeli citizens. The real crime was committed by the callous extremist leaders of the surrounding Arab nations who refused naturalization and citizenship to their Arabs brothers. I don't know why these people remained homeless after the shooting stopped, but the worst crime must be the continued use and abuse by their brother Arab nations. 

           What's the reason they remain homeless? Are they a burden, a group of trouble makers, or revolutionaries? Let's ask King Hussein of Jordan who died back in 1988. His government took in the most refugees per capita than any nation on earth. His reward was several assassination attempts and a civil war. He was forced to utilize the Jordanian Army against the PLO, because these terrorists plotted to remove the King by force. Suffice it to say there were no Palestinian people until the Arab world created them by neglect.

God willing, we shall come to a stage where the world looks at the Palestinian question, and Palestinian rights on Palestinian national soil, as well as the questions of the occupied Syrian and Lebanese territories. These are the bases on which peace will be built.
King Hussein I 

There was no nation called Palestine until 1948.

So, we can see right here that the so called Palestinian people are really former Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians and Jordanians. Not one single Arab nation in the Middle East wants Palestinians in their countries. They are hardened terrorists who are welcomed nowhere in the Arab world. They tried to eliminate the old King back in the 1980's. 


                                              Mike Curtiss

Gov’t Wants Arabs to Pay for 1948 Pogroms against Jews

Israel is tackling the alleged “Arab refugees” issue by renewing efforts for compensation for Jewish victims of 1948 Arab pogroms.
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 12/26/2011, 10:34 AM

Jewish refugees from A
Jewish refugees from A
Israel news screenshot: Foreign Ministry
The government has decided to tackle head-on the alleged “Arab refugees” issue by renewing efforts for compensation for Jewish victims of Arab pogroms .
Estimates of property losses range from $16 billion to $300 billion in Arab countries where Arab leaders seized their property or took it over after Jewswere expelled or forced to fleebecause of anti-Jewish violence and harassment.
Dr. Avi Bitzur, director-general of the Pensioners' Affairs Ministry, told Voice of Israel government radio it has created a new department to try to collect claims for more than 850,000 Jews from Iran and other Arab countries. Approximately 80 percent of them moved to Israel.
Most of the refugees fled or were expelled after the violent Arab reaction to the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, six months after it was recognized by the United Nations under the Partition Plan that the Arab world rejected.
"Israel has talked about this on and off for 60 years. Now we're going to deal with it as we should have all along," said Bitzur.
He added that the Cabinet is scheduled to decide in the next two weeks to raise the issue of Jewish refugees whenever the Palestinian Authority brings up the “right of return,” referring to nearly five million Arabs living in Arab countries but for whom the United Nations considers Israel as their home. The designation is a result of a unique policy by UNRWA towards Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 at the behest of Arab countries, who promised them they would return quickly after their expected annihilation of the Jewish State.
The policy of the United Nations does not allow the status of “refugee” to be transferred from generation to generation, but it makes an exception for Arabs from Israel.
Bitzur added, “We should know the history of the pogrom in Baghdad in 1941, of the Libyan Jews who ended up in Bergen Belsen. It's time for people to know that there was this part of the Jewish people and its history was brought to an end."
"The UN has dealt at least 700 times with Arab refugees and their property, but not once with the issue of Jewish property.”