Mike Curtiss (17 Dec 2011)
"Obama Now Has Dictatorial Powers"

Obama Now Enjoys Power to Arrest, Jail and Murder US Citizens Without Due Process

It now becomes perfectly clear why Obama did not want to close down Guantánamo Bay.  It’s the perfect place to ‘disappear’ his Tea Party enemies during Election Year.
Obama’s well covered by mainstream media threat to veto what can only be described as Soviet Union Horror Come to America, was only the drama he could milk during the Final Act.
This bill represents the most daring Marxist monstrosity of the 21st century: The Defence Funding bill will allow American citizens to be arrested as terrorists on home turf to be ‘disappeared’ forever without rule-of-law trial.
With this draconian bill, Obama not only gets to silence all dissent against him by instilling the fear of dissident arrest in everyday people trying to save their beloved country from its fundamental transformation,  he gets to do what has long been his coveted intent: a way to engender population hatred for its military.
Patriots, who long clung to the hope that in the end the US military would be on the side of the people,  will now live in the real fear of being nabbed off their streets by the military and packed off to Gitmo.
The effects of this bill on American society are truly monstrous and were birthed by someone with a never-ending evil hatred of America and its people.
That the Bill to Disappear Americans by Bureaucracy came into being with a 93-7 vote transcends anything ever said by any talking head, or conspiracy theorist about the existing fellowship that exists between Republicans and Democrats.
The bill is bottom-line irrefutable proof that all politicians of all stripes, perhaps even including so-called Libertarians, work against the people they are paid to represent.
One site aptly pegged the “seven champions of liberty” who voted against the bill, champions of liberty “for the moment”. (Moral Low Ground)
High-flown speeches and rhetoric won’t get a fair trial for anyone the Obama regime ID’s as a terrorist enemy of the state.
If the regime can send to a concentration camp any who work against it, there is no longer any need for Obama to take the risk of imposing martial law before suspending elections.
Instead he has found a novel way of guaranteeing his re-election before a single vote is even cast.
The story of how the bill was passed as revealed to the masses in real time is a also a story in itself.  It came nine days before Christmas 2011.  Screaming headlines trying to warn the masses came not from the American media, but from the British one.  Early this morning Drudge ran Americans face Guantánamo detention after Obama climbdown by the guardian.co.uk.
Only two American stories followed the Guardian one.  CBS News:  WH OKs military detention of terrorism suspects, followed by Infowars.com Patrick Joseph Watson’s story, which included an update about how Obama had dropped his threat to veto the bill.
Drudge Report readers could see under all three stories how “Even Al Jazeera asks ‘How Did We Get Here’?
Freedom was swallowed whole overnight.  In a new, cruel Soviet Union-like Amerika, dissenters of the status quo will be easily and effectively disappeared.
And this morning for the 93 congressional lawmakers who made it happen, it’s just business as usual.