Michelle S (6 Dec 2011)
"To Charles: "Should I stay or should I go?""

Hi Charles,

I have never received an ultimatum, but the enemy definitely regularly attacks me through my husband regarding my stand that Jesus Is Coming Imminently and We All Need To Be Ready At All Cost right now! And while it is most irritating to have to listen to the contrary foolishness that comes out of my husband's mouth .... the Lord has counselled me time and time again to keep my stand and don't compromise or agree with the foolishness all the while HOLDING MY PEACE when dealing with my husband! I still preach the soon coming of the Lord boldly to others, just very little with my husband.  In other words, I can live peaceably with my husband without having to to go along with the enemies agenda to pull me away from the Lord through compromise, arguments, etc., with my husband.

I know it's hard. It is very close to our Lord's coming....the devil knows this too and has raised the stakes for people who ruffle his feathers like we do by even coming against us through our own spouses! But I believe the Lord would say the same thing to you that He's said to me: "Stand your ground, don't compromise with anything that pulls you away from ME, but at the same time try with everything in you to keep peace in your home."  I find that one of the only ways I can do it is to not say much more than what relates to 'basic business' with my husband. You know...'who's going to pick up our daughter from choir,' 'I need this from the grocery store," etc. If I say too much, there's going to be a argument and it's not worth it. His office had their Christmas party yesterday and our entire family went and maintained some semblance of  family unity, and I will continue to try to work with him where I can but I don't and won't compromise with him regarding my walk with the Lord, His truth and the things the Spirit of the Lord is saying and revealing to any who will see and listen. I just avoid fighting with him about it as much as I can. (And failing often in my wholehearted attempts, I find myself repenting whenever I miss it.)

Anyway, I continue to pray for my husband daily, several times a day, but ultimately, the choices he makes, the side he chooses, is totally up to him and not me. And my choice to boldly stand on the side of my God until He comes for me will continue to be my obvious, unashamed, choice until He gets here. I don't know the date and the hour, but I KNOW it is very, very, close.....perhaps months, perhaps weeks...but maybe days...maybe even seconds from now. So just hold on Charles until He gets here. Don't fight with your wife about what you believe...she already knows anyway. Maybe the quiet, strong and confident way you live out your convictions before her will be enough to cause her to have a change of heart and make the right choice for herself before it's too late. If not, you can leave this world knowing you literally did all you could. But it's definitely not something you can force her to do.

Let your walk in the Spirit and your love speak louder than your words. As I said, I'm still learning to do that myself, but this wisdom from the Lord which includes pursuing peace, is the only reason I am still in my house with my husband today otherwise I probably would have left for sanity's sake alone, a long time ago. So I do understand what you are going through and the Lord definitely does. You should stay with your wife and child, (children?). I know men love a conquest so stay home and try conquering you wife with nothing but LOVE. That's what Jesus would do. "So Father...I pray that you would give Charles all the grace he needs to endure with his wife until you come for him. God, I thank you that you love Charles so much that you have available for him right now whatever he needs to overcome in this life so I ask that whatever it is that he needs right now  is released to him in his current dilemma with his wife. God, I ask for the grace he needs, the mercy he needs, the favor he needs, to be released to your son Charles who loves you so much and yearns to be with you so badly that he can hardly think straight. God pour out all that he needs right now in the name of Jesus...Lord we thank you for it. You are our Wonderful God and we do love you so much. Thank you for your love for us. We wait for you. Please Jesus Come NOW!!! We Long. We Long. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

Blessings Charles. Praying for you,
Michelle S.

  • .. And the Spirit and the bride say, Come...Revelation 22:17
  • ...Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time...1 Peter:5:6


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