Michael Colunga (24 Dec 2011)
"RE:  Frank R Molver--"Tsunami over city, signs in heavens photo""

Hello, John and Doves,
Could this be a remez of the Four Horsemen?
The center formation in the top photo sure looks a lot like a horse!
Baruch HaShem Yeshua,
Mike C.
Frank R Molver (21 Dec 2011)
"Tsunami over city, signs in heavens photo"

Woke up this AM to see the above article
As I looked at the photo's I thought that this could not be a coincident.
This happened over Birmingham Alabama
That is about 300 miles inland from the Caribbean and  500 miles from the Atlantic.
Could that be possible?
Anyway, it is awful strange isn't it.
Also a tsunami warning was also given here from Neil Lipkin the same day.
Check it out.