Mercer (23 Dec 2011)
"Let's take another look at Obama's Hanukka "celebration"....he's sending a signal"

Obama and his Illuminati/luciferian handlers do nothing by accident.
Watch the video of this
1. 12- 9- 2011........why this date? It's another 9-11 !!
2. 12-9-2009.........Blue spirel in Norway the same time he was getting his "Peace Prize"  Not that any of you would remember but it was the date of my first ever vision where I actually felt the rapture/
The numbers 9 and 11 are occult numbers.
On bothe these dates the Luciferians were sending a message to all their other "illuminatted ones"
In the picture note it is a 9 branch mennorah. The center light always represents God. And that candle is diminished
......The middle candle being lower is most assuradly a message being sent to those "in the know" . Let's count those branches....1-2-3-4-5...Takes us to December 25 where the candle is lower. This is NO ACCIDENT I can promise you. They are signaling something.
In the video Obama says he's going to "hug and kiss" every one....yes he did say that, watch the video. Did not Judas use a kiss? Obama says maybe he won't kiss those with beards. Beards means jews are there. Is this a signal he is about to betray the Jews?
Blue spiral in 2009
Now this in 2011...........wait....another 9-11 !!