MathMan (3 Dec 2011)
"Sudden Destruction is Step 6 of the Illuminati's 12 Steps to World Government"



 I was called in a dream to be a watcher in the fall of 2008, just around the time that the DOW fell 777.7 points on September 29, 2008, the Feast of Trumpets.  A few months later, I came across a video that had been created in early 2007 posted on, a secular web-site.  In other words, this video was created WAY before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) started.  The subject of this video was to outline the 12 steps the Illuminati (to herein be referred to by their modern name - the Bilderbergers) would use to implement World Government.  I had put it aside for years and just came across the notes I took on it not that long ago.  I was ASTOUNDED at the incredible relationship between what was stated as this evil entities goals and what has transpired since then.


SIDE NOTE:  Unfortunately, I did not write the name of the person speaking on the video and it has since been long removed from the internet, perhaps by the NWO.  However, I would love it if someone here just happened to know the name of this person and was able to post it.  He was an older man, early 60s late 50s, neat appearance, in a suit, with either a German or Russian accent.  He talked clearly and logically and certainly did not come across as anything but extremely knowledgeable and concerned of where things were going.  What was fascinating is that the person speaking was from a completely secular background and had no Christian convictions (at least that he expressed) whatsoever.  This is what makes what he said all the more fascinating as this person would not have any “prophecy bias” when he spoke of the Bilderbergers plans to implement World Government.  I will reiterate to you exactly what I had written about what this man had to say and provide observations in italics as I feel fit directly below.




The following is the Bilderbergers plans for the key centres in the new World Government once the USA is eliminated as a superpower (steps 1 & 6):


A)         Frankfurt:  Financial centre


B)         Brussels:  Political and military centre


C)        Rome:  Religious ecumenism (headquarters for the New World Religion)


D)        Jerusalem:  Capital city of the world (headquarters for the New World Order), as well as its spiritual centre


Observation:  As you will see below, the Bilderbergers choices for centres of control match up nicely with Bible prophecy written hundreds of years ago.  What a God we serve!!  Note that their choice of Jerusalem as their headquarters certainly would explain why no nuclear weapons would be used on that particular city even if God didn’t intervene as per Ezekiel 38 / 39.


FUNDAMENTAL GOALS:  Move from indirect control from a variety of government types to direct control using a world-wide autocracy.  Limit strain on planet by reducing population from 7 billion people to between 500 million to 2 billion people.  This will be marketed as necessary for on-going human survival.


Observation:  This certainly would match up with the mantra of the evolutionists.  Survival of the fittest.  However, the greater observation is that the Bilderbergers will have NO REGARD at all for human life.  After all, if you felt over 6 billion people were expendable, what care would you have for millions perishing at a time.  You would only think, “hmmm, a good start, but let’s keep killing!”  Thank you Lord for being more powerful than these evil doers!!  It is interesting that there is a strange statue / plaque in, I believe, the Dallas Airport (the city JFK was murdered by the NWO) that specifically mentions reducing the population to 2 billion or less (this too I used to be able to find on the internet that I can no longer find – how convenient!)


The 12 Triggers Bilderbergers have outlined to move from the NWO to World Government are outlined as follows:


1)    Financial Meltdown:  Collapse US dollar.  Set stage to create new gold-based international currency


2)    Economic Crisis:  Create mass unemployment, mortgage defaults, huge individual and national debts.  Have people clambering for answers and leadership.  Make problem global to make people believe a global solution is necessary


3)    Social Upheavals:  Growing social and civil unrest, general societal angst.  Begin heavily Introducing the concept of RFID (microchip) implants in humans in order to control “anarchy” and terrorism


Observation:  The Bible predicted that tremendous economic and social upheaval would be required in order for the masses to accept the rise of the Anti-Christ as their global leader.  Many have stated, particularly in the secular world, that they cannot believe how “stupid” our leaders are to let all of these things happen to our economy.  My reply – they are definitely not “stupid”!  Rather, they are diabolical and clever and evil, such are the men that currently run our society.  These men care nothing about killing – indeed, it’s their primary goal, they have NO conscience.  Indeed, when its all done, Hitler will have looked like a boy scout in comparison.  Interestingly, these triggers were outlined by this gentleman in early 2007.  If I would have told people back then to expect the above 3 steps to be implement in the following 2 to 4 years, they would have laughed me off as a crazy Christian fundamentalist.  No one is laughing now (unless you are one of the elite – and if you are, woe be to you if you do not repent).


4)    Global Pandemics:  Develop new “smart” viruses to begin reducing population.  Provide mandatory vaccinations in order to get people used to the RFID (microchip) idea.  RFID (microchip) to eventually be mandatory.  Specific goal is to have people chipped by no later than 2017, but would ideally want to create conditions that would have people practically begging for the chip much earlier than that.


Observation:  The Bible indicates that the Bilderbergs will be successful in mandating the use of chips and / or tattoos.  Indeed, no one will be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast.  If you are reading this after the Rapture – BEWARE.  Taking this mark will ensure your eternal damnation and torture ( I can’t see any way around it - once you have VOLUNTARILY accepted this mark, you are doomed).  As such, I implore you to take death instead.  The pain will be temporary (beheading is quick), but the eternal reward will be great!  Make sure you look up how to be saved on the Five Doves site as well!!


5)    Environmental Global Warming:  Spread fear of global warming and the consequences of overpopulation on the planet.  Make the problem “too big” for any one nation to solve.  Promote these issues as a “unifying” global cause


6)    Mega-Terrorism Attack: SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!!  To ramp up the war on terror and, more importantly, to give incentive to people to voluntarily give up the remainder of their personal rights and to institute a global police state, a false flag nuclear terror attack on several large cities will be arranged, with millions, if not a billion or more, “sacrificed” as a result.  However, the primary target will be the USA to eliminate them as the only superpower keeping the World Government at bay.


Observation:  This certainly has all the makings of the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION that will immediately follow the Rapture that Ron Reese has often outlined on Five Doves.  It is the Bilderbergers primary goal to control the world and it WILL happen (temporarily).  The question then is when.  All signs point to soon – REALLY soon!!


7)    War in the Middle East:  Continue to put out weak sanctions against Iran in order to force Israel to attack Iran on their own.  The counter attack from Iran and others will create conditions for New World Order to destroy Russia and the Islamic Fundamentalist (who do not fit into the global order as they each have their own ambitions for global domination)


Observation:  Keep in mind that this video was produced over FOUR years ago.  Ever wonder why the response to Iran has been so feeble? Wonder no more.  The Bilderbergers expect to be the ones to destroy Russia and the Islamic Fundamentalists (it is interesting that they too believe that they will align), so imagine their complete shock when these enemies are destroyed instead by our heavenly Father!!  This will certainly at least partially explain why we are moving so rapidly towards the Ezekiel 38 / 39 scenario.  God’s will be done – ALWAYS!!


8)    “Chernobyl” Type Incident:  Create an environmental crisis that any individual country will appear to not be able to solve.  Prove to the citizens that the world is necessary to solve their problems.  This will further the Globalist cause and the goal of World Government


9)    Beating up of “Rogue States”:  Iran?  N. Korea?  Venezuela?  Libya?  Syria?  Again “world needed to deal with these rebel states.  One or more of them will be attacked in the near future


Observation:  Wow, this floored me as Libya appears to have been their test case.  Up next?  Syria?  Iran?  Perhaps we will soon see!!


10)  A Staged “Alien Encounter”:  Provide “evidence” of an alien encounter with humanity (will be an electronic deception).  This will prove to humanity that global bonding is even more important, along with a global response, to the new possibility of an alien threat to humanity.


Observation:  Given that Step 10 is one of the Bilderbergers’ proposed steps, I am almost convinced that the NWO will try to cover up the Rapture as an alien attack.  Perhaps this is the deception that God will allow to fall on the world that may be used by the Anti-Christ’s regime in explaining all of the supernatural events.  However, I have come to believe that instead sides will be drawn and people will be forced to choose either Christ or Anti-Christ, drastically affecting their lives both in the short-term (earthly existence) and eternally (either heaven or hell).  Regardless, NO ONE will remain an atheist!!  I also feel that the Anti-Christ will try to paint God to be the devil and may use this “upside down” logic to rally the people to “attack God” by making them think they are actually protecting themselves from Satan and his demons.  This would be quite the deception indeed!!


11)  Assassination of a Top World Leader:  This will be a cause for further destabilization and will be a staged assassination.  This will most likely be of a beloved world leader that will foster continued desire by the “sheeple” (the deceived people) to follow and enforce whatever orders are being given by the powers that be


Observation:  This will set the stage for the Anti-Christ’s all-consuming and global rule.  One potential scenario outlined by Ron Reese is for President Obama, the Anti-Christ, to be “assassinated” on April 8, 2012 (perhaps they will have planned it to be staged but PERHAPS it will be real – I have NO CLUE).  Regardless, he will be brought back to life (or as if back to life) and will be “resurrected” on April 11, 2011.  However, Obama will experience a drastic personality change that I am convinced he will not see coming. On that date, Satan himself will infuse himself into President and new world leader Obama to begin the Great Tribulation.  This will be a time such as never was and will never be again.  Let us continue to pray that we are counted worthy to escape all these things as Jesus specifically commanded us to pray.


12)  A Staged Religious “Second Coming”:  Using electronics, there will be a second coming of a religious figure, perhaps representing both the messiah of Christianity and Judaism and also the Mahdi of Islam.  This could possibly involve the forged resurrection of the assassinated world leader or may not be (see Trigger 11 above).  The planners of this event feel that the existence of the Third Temple in Jerusalem will be critical to the success of this step (hence the other requirement for Trigger 7 as outlined above)


Observation:  Again, the Bible seems to indicate that they will be successful in their deception.  They will bring the “image of the Beast” to life, perhaps using modern technology, perhaps for real as allowed by God as a deceptive sign.  Regardless, it will happen and it will deceive the nations and its people to worship the beast and will be enforced, along with the mark of the beast, by the false prophet.


CONCLUSION:  My friends on Doves.  We are coming to the end of the Church Age.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that we do not have much time left.  Keep looking up!  Surely our redemption draws near!!  Spread the word as best you can before its too late.  They may not listen but I am positive many of them soon will.


Ybic, MathMan