MathMan (3 Dec 2011)
"To Ron Reese, Harvey Troyer, Leigh, Paul Wilson, Jean Stepnoski, John B, Phil, Nicole & Chris K"


Ron Reese:  Your article “Another Satanic calculation pointing directly to Dec. 14--20, 2011?” was another excellent article.  Friedrich did some very COOL calculations.  Here is another mathematical observation that ties in with the timing of December 20th possibly being the Rapture / Sudden Destruction:


-                     8 is the number of completion


-                     An 8.8 earthquake struck Concepcion, Chile on February 27, 2010


-                     When you add 666 days to this, wherein 666 is the number of the Anti-Christ, you land on Christmas Day 2011


-                     However, there is more!!  It also lands on Hanukkah, the 8th Feast which is celebrated for 8 days


-                     More precisely, Christmas Day is ALSO the 6th day of Hanukkah, where 6 is the number of man


-                     Is it possible that Christmas Day 2011 will be the day that President Obama rises from the ashes of the Rapture / Sudden Destruction on December 20th to be crowned the false king of the world that day?


-                     It would be about 5 days after the possible Rapture / Sudden Destruction, a seemingly logical amount of time for the dust to settle from the nuclear holocaust


-                     The world would certainly be primed and ready for the Anti-Christ’s appearance, willing to trade all their freedom for security!


-                     The NWO wants to replace Jesus.  What better day to do this than to crown THEIR king on Christmas Day, replacing the usual celebration of Christ with a celebration of an abomination (Obama – Nation)!!


Harvey Troyer:  Excellent post.  Very interesting numbers!  Thanks for putting this together.


Leigh:  Loved your newest post.  I truly love your warm and open heart.  May God reward you richly, both on earth and in heaven!


Paul Wilson:  I agree with you that Jack Van Impe, Perry Stone, Grant Jeffrey, Franklin Graham and Billy Graham are all great men of God.  However, I disagree with you that there approval is needed before one can acknowledge that the seven years has already started.  The mathematical proof Ron Reese, Gerry Almond and others have put together is overwhelming and forced me to reconsider my previous thoughts that the seven years Post-Rapture period was a FACT.  Perhaps these great men will too or even already have but feel it is too risky to acknowledge (after all, there is a lot of pressure to conform in this business – and trust me, it is a business).  However, i the end, it won’t really matter – what they think or what I or others think.  What is really important is that they all agree with us that the Rapture will be soon.  After all, we will all be gone before anyone can be proven right or wrong (we’ll just be WAYYY too happy to care once we are with Jesus forever!!).


Jean Stepnoski:  Excellent article.  I view all dates between now and Christmas to be VERY high watch dates, including the December 7th date you brilliantly illustrated for consideration as a HIGH watch date.  This certainly seems like another great possible date for the Rapture.  I think we can all agree that the sooner the Rapture, the better!!


John B:  Very interesting scenario on WWIII – I enjoyed reading it.  Thanks for putting that together!!  However, I would be cautious about saying “Obama is not the Anti-Christ” as if you KNEW it was a fact.  I personally feel that the mathematical proof pointing towards Obama being the Anti-Christ is exceptionally solid (and most would also agree that his character is suitable for just such a role).  However, it is only my opinion that he is the Anti-Christ (yes, a STRONG opinion, but just an opinion – I REFUSE to box God in).  When contradicting something that is not directly against Scripture, may I suggest that you may want to preface such a bold statement with the words “in my opinion”.  Just a thought.  By the way, I certainly have no desire to start a quarrel with you on this.  Our time is WAY to short for quarrelling.  Just simple advice from one brother to another.


Phil:  Great additional observations on December 20th being a watch date.  Many seem to now be agreeing with Ron Reese on this.


Nicole:  It is absolutely remarkable all of the personal signs the Lord is giving to you regarding His soon coming.  I found your post to be very uplifting.  Thanks for sharing!!


Chris K:  Interesting take on Psalms 10, 11 & 12 possibly being mapped to October, November & December of 2011, with December / Psalm 12 representing the month of the Rapture of the Church.  Let’s hope this is true!!  It certainly backs a lot of other calculations pointing towards December 2011 as the possible Rapture time frame.  However, if 2012 should arrive and we are still here, do not worry.  It may be that God is keeping us around to as close to April 11, 2012 (the day the Great Tribulation begins) as possible.  However, all signs, IMO, are pointing clearly, or so it seems, to December 2011 as the month of our Blessed Hope!!




Ybic, MathMan