MathMan (29 Dec 2011)
"URGENT note on Ron Reese's Red Alert!!!"



 Dear Doves,


Ron Reese’s “Red Alert Part I” from yesterday (I believe Part II will be posted today) is a MUST READ for everyone.  However, please do not be “turned off” by the fact that this post contains “date setting”.  While I personally would have worded the post in such a way as to outline the excellent reasons behind why there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE for the Rapture to happen on or around January 28th, it is obvious from the sincerity in Ron’s post that he has felt a call from the Holy Spirit to be incredibly blunt about the importance of this date.


While ANY DAY, including today, HAS to now be considered a high chance of Rapture given all the direct signs we are seeing through out the world, the case Ron makes for the Rapture happening JUST BEFORE the Sudden Destruction to bring about World Government doesn’t seem a stretch to me at all.  After all, it would make sense that it would have to take something EXTREMELY SEVERE for the world to ASK for World Government as the Bible says those left behind will.  As such, the pattern and reasoning shown in Ron’s post simply doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch to me.


Regardless of our differences in individual communication styles, I reiterate that I remain VERY impressed with the dates and logic as presented in Ron’s Red Alert.  If you found the incredible timing of the Illuminati’s diabolical plans interesting as outlined in Part I, just wait until you see how their diabolical plans mesh seamlessly with the timeline as it APPEARS to be outlined in the Bible in Part II.  While I haven’t seen the article to be posted by Ron on FiveDoves outlining Part II, I am aware of at least some of the Scriptural math being used behind it and I am once again VERY impressed.  While my communication approach would have been different than Ron’s (I PERSONALLY do not feel a call to say this HAS to be THE DATE), I do have an urge to tell you that what Ron has written is well worth reading REGARDLESS of whether you feel that he was wrong to feel so strongly about this date (or any other date for that matter).


As with everything, please pray with discernment on Ron Reese’s material and let the Holy Spirit dictate to you whether what Ron has written should be something you should be taking to heart.  As with everything, INCLUDING ANYTHING I HAVE TO SAY, continuously compare what is written with the infallible Word of God, His Holy Bible!!


To God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan