MathMan (28 Dec 2011)
"Burning for 7 Years / Two Witnesses"


Hi Doves,
The Seven Years of Burning:  Alan - EXCELLENT POINT on the burning of weapons for 7 years and its possible incompatability with a 4 year Tribulation Period.  However, it is very possible that these weapons will continue to be burnt at the very start of the new millenium as a reminder to the survivors on earth of exactly what God did for them in the Battle of Ezekiel.  Indeed, it would seem to me to be somehow appropriate that the 1000 years would start off with the smell of war and would end with the smell of war (as per a repeat battle at the end of the millenium as per Revelation).  Just my thoughts on the subject.  By the way, thanks for your (and so many others) positive feedback on this subject!!
The Two Witness Overlap:  By the way, another common reservation I receive on a 2015 return is the Two Witnesses having to be here for 1260 days BEFORE the Great Tribulation of 1260 days.  However, this is easily solved with an overlap of their "ministries" (one evil, one holy), which I now believe will involve an overlap of approximately just less than 1200 days.  The overlap of the Two Witnesses and the 144,000 will simply drive the Anti-Christ into a murderous frenzy!!  For those who say no overlap is possible, it is actually mathematically impossible NOT to have an overlap!!  Why?  How can the Beast kill the Two Witnesses without at least SOME overlap - they have to be together for at least some part of the Great Tribulation.  If so, why not 1200 days?  I do not view this as really a logical stretch at all.
YbiC, MathMan