Mathman (2 Dec 2011)
"Answers to some "Sudden Destruction" Questions"


Dear Doves,


After my post yesterday titled, “The Rapture, Sudden Destruction, Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 & Ezekiel 38/39 - From Start to Finish in 19 Hours!!”, I received a few excellent questions.  I thought I would take the time to reiterate those questions, along with my answers, as follows:


Which country is so controlled by the NWO that they would launch a strike at the USA?


-                     Russia is not controlled by the NWO but they could easily be convinced to be a tool of the NWO for mutual gain.  They did it with the Nazis in WWII with Poland and they could do it again with the NOW


-                     Europe and the U.S. control 65% of the GDP of the world.  In turn, the leadership of these countries is secretly controlled by a hierarchy called the Bilderbergers (originating from the Illuminati)


-                     The Bildebergers in turn have put their man Obama as the leader of the most powerful country in the world in the form of Barack Obama.  After all, they also control the Republican side as well (they can’t lose).  Did you ever wonder why the Republicans couldn’t seem to find ANYONE in the whole country competent enough to challenge Obama in the last election?  Seriously, who in their right mind would put Sarah Palin, an unknown from Alaska, as the co-runner in the last election?  Truth is stranger than fiction


-                     The Bilderbergers now want to put in world government as soon as possible and the Bible says they will be successful.  However, to do so, they need to eliminate the USA as a world power as well as bring the economy to its knees to break its citizens will for freedom (trading it for “security”)


-                     There is only one way to quickly eliminate the USA as a superpower.  A couple of EMPs strategically detonated over Washington DC and elsewhere would fry ALL electronics in North America with no hope for repair for YEARS!!


-                     So then, how to do it without being destroyed yourself?  Joel Rosenberg, famous and awesome end-time author, came up with the perfect solution in his series of books on the lead up to the Rapture.  Simply place unmarked container ships just off the coast of the USA at the right time and, while still in international waters, prepare and launch missiles in less than 10 minutes that could reach their desired detonation location in 8 minutes or less


-                     In less than ½ hour, New York, Washington, Los Angeles and any other major city of there choosing could be in flames, millions dead


-                     Russia has more than enough ambition and desire to do this


-                     President Obama is both a closet muslim AND a closet communist.  The Middle East already knows this and so does Russia.  All Russia would need to whole heartedly proceed with their dastardly plan would be assurance that the USA would not retaliate


-                      After all, Russia and the NWO have mutual ambitions when it comes to the USA.  Destroy the power of the USA quickly and permanently.  Thanks to the “Great Sword” of nuclear warfare, this will really not be that difficult to envision or accomplish


-                      Why would God allow this to happen?  With the Church first removed in the Rapture, why would He not?  Just ask the 50 million babies aborted before they could take their first breath.  Go to a school to look it up in the Bible (wait, they have been outlawed).  You get the point


How could these countries be so collectively controlled by the NWO?


-                     The richest countries are already fully controlled by the NWO, and therefore they control the world


-                     In the Bible, the Golden Rule is “do unto others as you would have them do to you”


-                     In the world, the Golden Rule is “those who own the gold…rules”


-                     The elite, which is represented by the Bilderbergers, represent 0.1% of the world’s population, yet control between 70 to 85% of its wealth


-                     If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then we should expect that this group to be the most corrupt group in history


-                     Satan is the god of this world.  In order to fulfill Bible prophecy of an evil one world government, it only would make sense that he would put a system into place to meet his goals.  He has had over 6000 years to plan it


-                     Indeed, evidence shows that this evil system of hidden government has been building for 100s of years and is called the Illuminati, now renamed Bilderbergers (along with its spin offs, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, etc.)


How could crippling the country put the leader of the country they attack into power (Obama)?


-                      Easy!  This appointment has already been confirmed by Henry Kissinger (who, along with David Rockefeller, is one of the most powerful men in the world)


-                      President Obama has been groomed and already been designated as the NWOs pick to lead the world government


-                     After the Sudden Destruction of the USA, the power will now shift to four parties:  Europe, Russia, the Middle East and China


-                     Europe will take the lead and will be the control center for the NWO


-                     Russia will go along with it “for now” for material wealth (Russia has also always wanted to dominate the world)


-                     To give it muscle, the NWO will make sure that it is only the population of the USA that is crippled and not its military capacity.  This military strength will now be shifted to work for the Anti-Christ’s goals of world domination


-                     If you think about it, Obama is the ideal Anti-Christ.  Europe continues to love Obama.  Russia already believes Obama is a communist.  The Middle East already believes Obama is a muslim.  Obama is the perfect candidate and, really, the only candidate on the world scene today to even be remotely qualified to be the Anti-Christ


-                     The wild card remains China and will remain this way until the end.  However, God says that China will also be dealt with at the end of 42 months at the battle of Armageddon


How can Europe trust the Middle East and Russia not to fight them for power?


-                     Obama is already Satanically influenced and will soon become Satan incarnate


-                     Nobody knows the Bible better than Satan.  He also knows that God is still in control even though he is deluded into thinking he will defeat God in the end


-                     In other words, Obama would already know the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 / 39 backwards and forwards


-                     In secret, Obama will have already told Russia and the Middle East that Israel may now be destroyed now that the USA is out of the way (they probably are already aware of it – who knows what is said in privacy, ie., Sarkozy & Obama on Netanyahu?)


-                     However, he KNOWS from the Bible that Russia and the middle east will be essentially destroyed by God Himself and that Israel will remain standing (for now) as per God’s Word


-                     Quite simply, Obama / Satan will use Bible prophecy to his advantage (for now)


-                     After the battle of Ezekiel 38 / 39, which will happen, IMO, shortly after the “Sudden Destruction” of the USA, Europe / Obama will have no other competitors except China and the other eastern countries


-                     However, for now, China and the other eastern countries will wait in seething anger and will cause Obama to be uneasy.  This is as predicted in Daniel 11:44, “But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him”


Explain to me a little more about the 40 day warning.  Are you meaning in comparison to the flood of Noah?


-                     The Illuminati / Bilderbergers HATE the True God and love to mock and mimic Him


-                     They know God is the only one with the power to stop them


-                     To show they are “just as powerful”, just like God gave 40 days warning to Nineveh to repent or be destroyed, they want to do the same with the USA (but of course don’t have the true power to warn them first – cowards to the end).  In addition, there was the 40 days of flooding during Noah’s time that ended in the destruction of the earth being complete


-                     The NWO view themselves “to be as gods”.  So then, why not have “fun” with it and give a 40 day “warning” and a sinister snicker shared between these blood thirsty demonically possessed leaders?


-                     Could the NWO have done this in the form of the first ever National Emergency Broadcast?  I don’t KNOW this, but it sure is interesting timing!!  Ron Reese’s post from yesterday gave some extremely good reason to believe this could have been the case


Ybic, MathMan