MathMan (17 Dec 2011)
"FOLLOW UP - Probability of the Rapture occurring before April 11, 2012 is 6,899,999,999 out of 6.9 Billion!!"



 Dear Doves,


For those with questions, I am POSITIVE that, if you read the following posts and research this material with the Scriptures in hand with all of your heart and in prayer, each and every one of your questions will be self-answered:


Please don’t take this the wrong way and think that I don’t like questions.  However, my experience is that, when people try as hard as they can to answer their own questions FIRST (preferably from researching the Bible on their own), the answers mean so much more to them.  If you are a school teacher, I am sure you already know this first hand.


Just to clarify, NOT ONE of you are EVER a pain to me!!  In a world that has fallen asleep, each and every one of you watchers are just such a complete and utter blessing to me, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH ME OR NOT!!  You are as rare as a precious diamond and the Lord will give you a crown for your longing for His return.  He promised us this reward and I look forward to claiming it and so should you!!  Jesus is just soooo worthy of our praise.


Now I know that the links provided above are a LOT of material to try to absorb, but I believe that there is a 6,899,999,999 out of 6.9 billion chance that it will be well worth your time and effort!!  After all, it’s only Christmas time, what else do you have to do?  JOKING!!!!  Especially to all you moms out there.  If you are like my wife, this is always WAYYYY too busy time of the year!!




Ybic, MathMan