Mathman (13 Dec 2011)
"To Sherry:  Feast of Trumpets 2015 Question already directly answered in my "Did the largest DOW point drop (777.7) in history signal the beginning of the Final Seven Years?" Dec 8th Post"



 Hi Sherry,


The following is a quote from your article posted on Five Doves yesterday (Monday, December 12th) titled “Reply to MathMan”:


“Because I have not received an answer to a legitimate question I asked, I am now asking you.  It is not meant to be adversarial.  I simply would like an answer to how you believe your "mathematical calculations point so strongly towards the Day of Atonement 2015 being the day of Christ’s return" when it is the second fall Feast?  What happened to the FIRST fall Feast then?  Ron said it would be fulfilled "one way or another" but what does that mean?  Seems to me the Feast of Trumpets, on which the King is supposed to be crowned, as were all of Israel's

kings, is being skipped over just to make Atonement fit your "mathematical calculations."  And I would ask of all (or any) Doves who fully accepted this premise, or "possibility" that Jesus would not return and "touch down" UNTIL the Feast of Atonement/YomKippur.....WHY do you believe this?  It is a legitimate that should be able to be answered scripturally.  We are to give an account when asked of why we believe something.  Why are people getting upset or "disturbed" because of a challenge to a "possibility?"  Would any of us simply accept what anybody tells us...especially if that possibility could be misleading without benefit of a scriptural foundation?”


I actually addressed this question directly and head on in a recent post from just four days ago.  More specifically, I answered this question fully and directly in my article posted on FiveDoves on December 8, 2011 titled “Did the largest DOW point drop (777.7) in history signal the beginning of the Final Seven Years?”  For your benefit, I have repeated this entire post verbatim, with the full, direct and specific answer to your question underlined for your ease of reference:




Did the largest DOW point drop (777.7) in history signal the beginning of the Final Seven Years?

By MathMan as posted on FiveDoves on December 8, 2012


 As I have done in previous posts, before I begin this post, it is very important that I point out the following Biblical facts.  While the Church has seen first hand the incredible exponentially increasing stage setting of the judgments to soon come that have occurred from September 29, 2008 until now, the fact is, as outlined in the Bible, that the Bride of Christ will NEVER be subject to God’s soon to be unleashed wrath/judgment (we are not assigned to wrath).  The Bride of Christ will also NEVER be subject to persecution by the Anti-Christ and his followers (again, we are not assigned to wrath)!!  Why?  For one simple and easy to understand reason.  The Ultimate Husband, Jesus, would NEVER personally put His Bride through such hardship just prior to the wedding (the Rapture)!!  However, evil people will still persecute His Church in various parts of this fallen world right until the very end.


However, where this post may be irritating to some is that I do not believe in a Post-Rapture SEVEN YEAR PERIOD “requirement”.  Indeed, the facts on the ground are rapidly pointing towards a Tribulation Period in total of less than four years in length, including the 42 month Great Tribulation!  However, just to make sure you understand exactly where I am coming from, I FIRMLY AND COMPLETELY believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.  In other words, please do not accuse me of being “Mid-Trib” or “Pre-Wrath” just because I do not believe in a 7 year Tribulation Period.  Indeed, both “Mid-Trib” and “Pre-Wrath” believe that the Bride of Christ will have to experience persecution by the Anti-Christ to be “cleansed” for Her wedding.  This CAN’T be correct as it is absolutely impossible for the words “persecution by the Anti-Christ” to be included in the same sentence as the “blessed hope” His Church has been promised!!  In other words, I am COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AGAINST these fear based alternative theories…




-         The DOW dropped 777.68 points on September 29, 2008, the largest point drop in DOW history


-         September 29, 2008 is also the Feast of Trumpets 2008


-         This point drop represented a 30 day warning leading up to the revealing of the Anti-Christ on October 29, 2008, which was the official starting point of the Final 7 Year Reconciliation


-         Indeed, it was on October 29, 2008 that then-President elect Barrack Obama made his famous “one week” speech to 33 million people on October 29, 2008 confirming the covenant he had originally made in Berlin just months earlier outlining that he was going to personally change the world as he sees fit once given the power by the people to do so (this was the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27).


-         Notice that October 29, 2008 plus EXACTLY 2520 days lands DIRECTLY on the Feast of Atonement 2015


Side note:  Daniel 9:27 is the only verse Bible experts refer to as supposedly outlining a 7 year peace treaty requirement.  However, read this verse again for yourself with fresh eyes and you will see that this “requirement” for a peace treaty is simply pure speculation.  Indeed, you will notice that there is ABSOLUTELY NO mention of a peace treaty, either implicitly or explicitly, in this entire verse.




-         June 7, 1967 Jerusalem recapture date + 49 x 360 day Jubilee period lands EXACTLY on Feast of Atonement 2015


-         June 8, 1967 Old Jerusalem (the Jewish Quarter) ordered to be rebuilt by Israel PM + 7 weeks of Daniel (first part of 7 + 62) = 7 x 2520 days ALSO lands EXACTLY on Feast of Atonement 2015 (Jewish days begin the evening before)


-         Therefore, the Feast of Atonement 2015 (for the third time) points to the EXACT day that Jesus will make His triumphant reentry into Jerusalem and instantly destroy the Anti-Christ and all of the world’s armies in the final battle of Armageddon at the end of the Great Tribulation


-         However, prior to this, on the Feast of Trumpets 2015, I believe that Jesus will first make Himself known to the world on this, the very Feast known as “that no one knows the day or the hour it will commence” (it is based on the first sighting by two witnesses of the tiniest first sliver of the new moon)


-         In other words, it will be on the Feast of Trumpets 2015 that Jesus will make Himself first known to the world (excluding the Rapture) by landing with His Holy Army in Israel, just outside of Jerusalem


-         In the meantime, the Anti-Christ will already have been assembling his army to fight the King of the East (China, Japan, etc.)


-         However, once Jesus lands in Israel, the game will completely change.  Both sides will be extremely distraught to see the arrival of Jesus and will join forces to fight Him together


-         Indeed, the 10 Days of Awe between the Feast of Trumpets 2015 and the Day of Atonement 2015 will represent the uniting of all the armies of the world for a final and futile fight against Jesus


-         Notice that the Feast of Trumpets 2008, the EXACT day of the 777.7 point drop plus EXACTLY 7 Jewish calendar years lands DIRECTLY on the Feast of Trumpets 2015


-         As if that weren’t enough, the significance of the 2015 end point is underlined by the extremely rare Tetrad Lunar Eclipses event that is already known to occur in the 2014 / 2015 timeframe


ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICAL PROOF:  The declaration of Israel being for the Jews was first made in 1897.  This is the very first “Fig Tree” event as mentioned in Matthew 24.  If you add 120 years of 360 day years to the date this declaration was made, it lands DIRECTLY on Hanukkah 2015.  Genesis 6:3 outlines that 120 years is the maximum life of a human as outlined in the Bible.  The last of the six goals of the 70 weeks as outlined in Daniel 9 is to anoint the Most Holy, Jesus.  Matthew 24 indicates that the generation that sees the Fig Tree (Israel) FIRST bloom shall not pass until ALL is fulfilled.  As such, the anointing of Jesus on Hanukkah 2015 is the last prophecy to be fulfilled and “just happens” to line up PERFECTLY with the very first FIG TREE event in 1897 using the maximum life span of 120 prophetic years.  Is this simply another amazing “coincidence”?  I think not.  Hanukkah is the feast that means “dedication”.  This makes Hanukkah THE most appropriate and perfect feast to celebrate the long-awaited anointing of Jesus as the ruler of the world for the millennium (and then for all eternity).  By the way, notice also that Hanukkah 2015 also lands 1335 days after April 11, 2012, the beginning of the Great Tribulation as outlined in Daniel 12.


THE GREAT SIGNIFICANCE OF THE 777.68 POINT DROP (2 decimal place rounding)


-    Drop = 777.68


-    777 = Age that Noah's father died, dying just a few years before the flood (as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of Jesus be)


-    Note that, in an analogous fashion, September 29, 2008 is just a few years before the upcoming Sudden Destruction (analogous to the flood) that will occur prior to the Great Tribulation beginning on April 11, 2012


-    777 is also the number of God's perfection, the Trinity, Jesus, His perfect plan


-    777 is also the number of times the word Priest is used in the Bible


-    6 = Number of man


-    6 = Mankind


-    8 = Completion


-    As such, I believe, without any stretch whatsoever, that the 777.68 drop on September 29, 2008 could EASILY be interpreted as “The signal that the completion (8) of God's perfect plan (777) for mankind (6) has begun”


THE SECOND GREAT SIGNIFICANCE OF THE 777.7 POINT DROP (1 decimal place rounding)


-    Drop = 777.7


-    Specific number of judgments as listed in Revelation:  7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls + 7 "hidden behind the decimal place" thunders, which, in combination, logically equate to 777.7


-    As such, the 777.7 drop on September 29, 2008 could EASILY be interpreted as “The signal that the judgments (777.7) of God has begun”


-    Furthermore, the “777.68 AND 777.7” could therefore be combined to, again EASILY, be interpreted as “The signal that the completion (8) of God's perfect plan (777) for mankind (6) has begun in the form of immediate stage setting and the later to commence judgments of Revelation (777.7), beginning with the revealing of the Anti-Christ, Barrack Obama, on October 29, 2008 (Day of Atonement 2015 less EXACTLY 2520 days)!!”




-    The huge drop in the DOW index was caused by the failure to pass the $700 Billion bailout for the banks


-    The drop, in percentage terms, was exactly 7.0% of the DOW index


-    $1.2 Trillion of value was lost in the market that day.  Note that 1.2 x 10 = 12, where 12 means God's perfect government.  The number 12 fits in perfectly here as the purpose of the 7 year final period of mankind’s rule of the earth (with Satan) is to usher in God’s perfect government at the end of it, represented by the number 12 (and He shall rule with an iron fist)


I am sure there are other mathematical anomalies that occurred around the September 29, 2008 / October 29, 2008 that I didn’t think of including, so feel free to add any further observations as you feel is appropriate.  Thanks for listening.


Ybic, MathMan