MathMan (10 Dec 2011)
"My responses to a WHOLE BUNCH of people!"

 Dear Doves,

This email is just a grab bag of thoughts and, to be quite honest, I’ve allowed myself to wander a bit.  In line with that, here are some random observations and messages to just some of the many valuable posters on this excellent website:

First “Rambling”:  There was a famous quote in the movie called Forest Gump:  “My momma always said, Life was like a box of
chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."  This is how I view this wonderful site called Five Doves.  Every day, time allowing, for the last few weeks since someone told me about it, I have enjoyed opening the letters of the day.  Truly, you don’t know what you are going to get when you open it.  Even if just a bit of a particular post sticks with me, very rarely do I not find each and every letter written to not be worth the read.  In other words, I am EXTREMELY grateful to all of you for taking the time to write such well thought out material.  What a blessing to all of us watchers!


Now, on to some “house keeping” in terms of responding to various posts over the last few days (my apologies if I missed anyone I should have responded to – I have very limited time right now as I am quite busy at work and at home):


Hi Gerlinda, Tyra, Lydia and many others:  Thank you SO MUCH for all of your written support.  As you know, I am a recent poster here on Five Doves as I only recently found out about this wonderful site.  A couple of you also mentioned that Ron Reese and I share a warm brotherly bond that you found refreshing.  I must say that I completely agree with you on this.  I fully admit that I was feeling quite isolated in my mathematical calculations pointing so strongly towards the Day of Atonement 2015 being the day of Christ’s return.  Indeed, when sent to various prophecy experts, I was shocked by the borderline belligerent attitude I would often get in return for even daring to suggest that the Post Rapture period could be less than seven years.


Then someone directed me to Ron’s excellent website ( and Ron’s postings on Five Doves and his incredible scriptural knowledge and humble way of teaching IMMEDIATELY REALLY spoke to my heart.  Since then, and with every one of my dealings with Ron, I have found him to be open and willing to listen to every subtle message Jesus wants him to tell us all.  In conclusion, I cannot take credit for this warm relationship with Ron but must give credit to Ron instead (and of course Jesus for guiding me here).  Ron simply makes having a brotherly love for him incredibly easy.  In all my dealings with Ron, he has shown me that, quite simply, he is exactly as he portrays himself in his posts and articles, a humble servant of the Lord that desires NOTHING else but to maximize the number of people on the ark before it is too late.  How can I not admire such a selfless goal?  He makes me want to be a better person.


Hi Luis Vega:  Your highly informative post on sneak attacks seeming to mostly occur on waxing or waning moons was FANTASTIC!!  The time around the beginning of Hanukkah will represent just such conditions.  If it happens around December 20th, could it be a sneak attack by Israel on Iran?  Or could it even be a nuclear sneak attack on the U.S. by the Russians or the Chinese (Sudden Destruction of the “white queen”, harkening to the excellent chess analogy I “borrowed” from Ron in one of my posts)?  Combined with the fact that the Anti-Christ, President Obama, will be safely in Hawaii from December 17th until the New Year only adds to the intrigue of this POSSIBLE timing!


Hi Phil Rogers & Kevin Drake:  My apologies for stepping on your toes with my John 7 post.  I had not realized that this was ground previously covered by you (and Sherry Vance).  Thankfully, we have a Lord that will turn this “bad into good”, I am positive of it.  Regardless, thank you for taking the time to point out the discrepancy.  In the end, I am positive that the Lord will make sure that credit is given where credit is due.


Hi Mary Anna:  I found it fascinating that the Lunar Eclipse on December 10th (now today) involves being able to see the sun and the eclipse at the same time.  This seems, to me, to be extraordinary.  However, since I do not study astronomy, I will ask the following question of anyone who is into this.  Is this ability to see both the sun and a Lunar Eclipse at the same time extremely rare or rare (perhaps another warning of the imminent Rapture / Sudden Destruction) or is it common or quite common?


Hi Steve W.:  I agree that it was absolutely fascinating that our posts both came on the same day (Thursday) and corresponded so incredibly well.  Yes, so many things are pointing directly towards the Day of Atonement 2015 as the day Jesus will end the Great Tribulation.  It is interesting to point out that this is 42 calendar years from the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) War of 1973.  It is also interesting that the Responsibility to Protect is based on UN Resolution 1973.  I have read here in Five Doves that 42 years is a significant unit of time (to be honest, I haven’t studied up on this time period yet).  Is this perhaps YET ANOTHER pointer to Day of Atonement 2015 as the return of Christ?  Again, this observation is just part of this grab bag of thoughts that I am writing today.


A General Apology:  In my last two posts, I made it seem as if Jesus would never subject His Bride to persecution just prior to the marriage / Rapture.  In hindsight, I did not express myself well on this.  Persecution continues to this day, in particular in the Middle East, of His Bride and will continue to be this way until the Rapture.  My thoughts, which I did not express as such, meant to convey that the Lord Himself would not be directly responsible for having His Bride persecuted, tortured and murdered, as will happen during the Post Rapture period.  However, fallen man and his sinful nature will continue to do these horrible deeds to Christians around the world until we are Raptured.  The Lord said this would happen and it is as we will continue to be hated because of Him.  While I have no desire AT ALL to be martyred, MANY great and wonderful Christians have met their end this way and in no way was I making light of this.  I am just happy and relieved beyond belief that each and every one of these martyrs will receive a reward in Heaven for their selfless service that we cannot even comprehend.


Well, that’s it for today.  Again, if I forgot to respond to anyone that commented on my previous posts, I humbly apologize.  It is just so overwhelming just how many of us feel that we are soon, VERY SOON, going to be called home.  Keep looking up, Precious Church, I am positive our redemption draws near!!  Keep up the good fight.  If you are holding off inviting someone to “get in the ark” before it is too late, please do it now!  Now is the time to take chances if you feel so led to do so by the Holy Spirit!!


Ybic, MathMan