Mathman (1 Dec 2011)
"The Rapture, Sudden Destruction, Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 & Ezekiel 38/39 - From Start to Finish in 19 Hours!!"


Dear Ron & Doves,


In your post yesterday entitled, “What are YOUR top ten countries that are most likely to ignite World War3”, your top 10 list of the countries that are most likely to ignite WWIII is SPOT ON.  Really no disagreement with who is on the list or on the order you have them in whatsoever - all were logical.
However, I have the following two comments which will lead into a scenario I have been thinking about often over the last few months, but modified last night due to your brilliant Queen / King Chess analogy.  I actually tried to incorporate this into my scenario to try to come up with something logical, based on today’s military conditions, wherein I believe the Rapture, Sudden Destruction, Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 & Ezekiel 38/39 could all be fulfilled from start to finish in as little as 19 hours!  The two lynchpins of my post revolve around the following:
1)  Eliminating the White Queen (USA) to get to the White King (Israel):  Again, Ron, I LOVED your FANTASTIC CHESS ANALOGY!!!!!  It is interesting that the game was invented in Iran (Persia).  I hope others appreciate this analogy as much as I did.  Indeed, an Ezekiel 38 / 39 attack on the White King (Israel) would make much more sense if the White Queen (USA) was first eliminated.  My POTENTIAL scenario as illustrated below will take this analogy into account
2)  UN Resolution 1973:  UN Resolution 1973 is the “Responsibility to Protect” resolution recently used on Libya.  I have a feeling this will come into play once again and in the very near future.  Why?  The ironic use of "1973" as the number for the resolution, wherein 1973 “just happens” to be the very same (and last) year in which Israel was attacked and almost destroyed by her neighbors.  When this resolution was first enacted, I had initially thought it was going to be eventually used on Israel for their supposed "oppression" of the Palestinians, but now I feel it will instead be used on Syria and will instead impact Israel, indirectly and directly, shortly thereafter.  After all, if the UN used it on Libya and less was done against Libya's people, surely the UN will use it on Syria.
Taking the above into account, and given the battle lines as currently drawn and reported in mainstream and Israeli secular news sites, here is how I feel events COULD shake out (i.e., the most probable, IMO, of the various other scenarios I also feel could play out).  Note that these events could be spread out over a number of days or weeks, but my purpose is to illustrate just how incredibly fast, based on current conditions and military power, the world as we know it could be turned upside down:
Already happened:  Syria continues to kill her own people.  In response, outrage continues to grow by the Arab League, EU, UN, US, Turkey, etc.
Likely to soon happen:  Using Libya as the precedent, a derivation of UN Resolution 1973 is enacted and applied to Syria.  I use the term "derivation" in that permission from Russia and China on the UN Security Council will somehow have to be bypassed to get “substantial UN approval” to enact this resolution to cripple Syria’s military.  In reaction, both Iran and Russia will be completely outraged (this is, of course, predictable) and reiterate warnings already made of huge consequences to NATO should it proceed with military action against Syria.  Despite the ominous warnings from Russia and Iran, and backed by almost unanimous world-wide approval, NATO promptly moves in to help secretly supply the insurgents with arms in Syria.


Side Note:  Bypassing Russia and China (as well as other powerful voices in the UN) is not without precedent for the UN.  If you review the prelude to the war in Iraq, many countries in the UN, including Russia, China, France, Germany, were against a military attack on Iraq.  This is when Colin Powell and President Bush came up with their infamous “Coalition of the Willing” slogan and proceeded with the campaign against Iraq shortly thereafter.  Indeed, there was far less support for this attack on Iraq than what we are currently seeing for Syria.  Now you have Turkey, NATO, the Arab League, most of the UN, EU, US, Canada and other commonwealth countries, all in agreement that Syria has gone too far.  It seems apparent that getting substantial world-wide approval for NATO to attack Syria will not be difficult at all and is MOST LIKELY happening right now.
Hour 0:   NATO bombing begins once Syrian insurgents are fully armed by NATO and the fighting of Assad's army starts shortly thereafter.  The battle plan to be used against Syria will mostly follow the “Libyan Blueprint”, including the enactment of a No Fly Zone over Syria.  Israel is told to stay out of it as per an agreement with the Arab League and they willingly comply.
Hour 1:  Russia does as it has already threatened (and promised!!) to do and uses it’s advanced S-300 missile systems to defend Syria's airspace.  This includes the use of its recently deployed warships sitting off of the coast of Syria as their command and control centre.
Hour 5:  After significant NATO warplane losses resulting from Russia’s involvement and supply of advanced defense systems to Syria, NATO has no choice but to neutralize the Russian warships off the coast of Syria.
Hour 6:  Russia promptly condemns NATO for this "act of war" and publicly blames the U.S. directly for their losses of lives and equipment.  In response, President Obama shocks the world by first apologizing to Russia for NATO’s “transgression” and then by indicating that the allies have no real strategy to deal with this direct threat made by Russia.
Hour 7a:  Shortly after Russia (the Black Queen) in effect declares war, and as preplanned and already in position, EMP / Nuclear missiles are launched from pre-placed unmarked container ships off the coast of the U.S.  The sole purpose of these container ships?  To disable the White Queen, the USA, once and for all.  Interestingly, this is actually a derivation of a sneak attack outlined in Joel Rosenberg’s excellent fictional books on the end times, wherein North Korea was the culprit versus Russia.  Russia already has missile systems that look like cargo containers (see YouTube – they are diabolically clever).  Each fake cargo container can hold four nuclear missiles.  The attacking ships are then promptly destroyed, perhaps with mini-nukes, by the attackers themselves in order to avoid detection and identification.  Its crew will know nothing about their imminent death until it’s too late.  Secretly, the Illuminati has already assured Russia that President Obama’s goal was the same as theirs – destroy the USA – and that President Obama would make sure nothing would happen to Russia in return for performing this hideous act!!
Hour 7b:  PRAISE THE LORD!!  Just prior to the EMP / Nuclear missiles hitting the USA’s unsuspecting citizens “resting in the Coastlands”, as well as perhaps other cities in other countries as well, particularly Western Europe and Canada (that is, while the nukes are still in mid-air), the Church is Raptured.  While this is obviously GREAT for us, the Rapture further disables the U.S. as many key people in government, industry and military are “taken home”.  As usual and as planned, President Obama dithers and demands conclusive proof before the U.S. will perform any type of counter strike against the offenders.  Meanwhile, America and the southern part of Canada (as well as some portions of Europe) burns, millions perishing in an instant, infrastructure damaged beyond repair.
Hour 8:  With the White Queen (the USA) out of the way, Syria, a simple pawn under direct orders from the Black King, Iran, gets into the game by launching non-nuclear WMDs upon Israel.  Combining this with conventional missiles (MANY of them), Tel Aviv is devastated, along with most of Northern Israel.  Note that Iran has also said that 100,000 conventional missiles were also aimed at Israel and will also cause a lot of death and destruction.


Side Note:  In this scenario, it would be biological and chemical WMDs, not nuclear, that will land on Tel Aviv / Northern Israel.  Isaiah 17 outlines that several parts of northern Israel are wounded severely at the time of the destruction of Damascus.  Israel has already promised that they would respond in a SEVERE fashion (possibly with nukes) if Syria was to ever use WMDs on Israel.  Israel would now have there excuse to proceed as promised.  Luckily, thanks to excellent preparation and practice for just such an attack, I do not believe that many Israeli's will die from the chemical and biological attacks from Syria (and elsewhere?) as they are already well prepared with gas masks that were distributed to Israel’s citizens for just such an event.
Hour 9:  Israel, the White King, realizes that now she is on her own as the White Queen, the USA, and possibly other countries, including Canada, burns.  With Israeli’s conventional weapons mostly neutralized, Israel, with few other options, goes nuclear, striking with her off-shore submarines, destroying Damascus utterly, thereby fulfilling Isaiah 17.


Hour 10:  Thanks to modern communication and left-wing reporting bias against Israel, Israel’s use of nukes on Damascus brings instant world-wide condemnation upon Israel, especially with the USA no longer being in a position to stand up for Israel!!  The White King stands helpless and alone in the world as the White Queen burns in the distance!!
Hour 11:  1000s of more rockets from Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank & Gaza continue to hit Israel from all over the place, leaving the White King even more mortally wounded.  However, nukes are not used against her as the offending nations want to preserve Jerusalem for their own use (and is also a key part of the NWO agenda).
Hours 11 to 18:  With the White Queen out and the White King effectively lying there awaiting the final kill, the Ezekiel 38 / 39 coalition rapidly organizes into a unified strike force.  The horde begins its march to deliver the final blow on Israel, led by the Black Queen (Russia) and the Black King (Iran).  Bolstered by their earlier success against the USA and others, they move towards Israel with the rest of her evil coalition with ferocity and speed.  You may ask yourselves, do you REALLY think such a force could be organized so quickly?  IMO, this could very well happen extremely promptly as even today the Ezekiel 38/39 countries are already in a state of preparedness due to the current lead up to the potential Syria and other conflicts.  Indeed, with modern warfare and equipment, long lead times are no longer necessary.
Hour 19:  PRAISE BE GOD, at the last minute before this evil coalition hits Israel, suddenly, and without warning, the TRUE KING makes His presence felt and destroys 5/6ths of the offenders with a variety of tactics, including having the coalition turn on each other, thereby fulfilling Ezekiel 38 / 39.  This destruction will also help pave the way for the Anti-Christ, President Obama, to solidify world government to a world begging for “stability and security”.
In conclusion, who is my number 1 choice to fire the first shot?  NATO, supported by a derivation of UN Resolution 1973, led by the USA, bombing Syria.  This is my best GUESS of the spark that will start WW3.  I do not believe it will take months to fulfill the above scenario.  I do not believe it will even take weeks.  Indeed, I think it could instead be done in days, perhaps even in hours as illustrated above!!  After all, the Bible talks about the “battle” of Ezekiel, not the “war” of Ezekiel.  Historically, battles tend to be short lived events.  I do not foresee these events as being an exception.


The Lord said repeatedly that the end-time events would come on to the world like child birth.  We are already experiencing the birth pains and it appears that we recently moved into the labor phase, that’s how rapidly things seem to be progressing now.  Once the head crowns (Hour 0), we all know how quickly a baby can be delivered.  Rapid delivery is analogous to the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY of a rapid sequence of events.  Do I KNOW that what I have illustrated above is how it will all play out?  Absolutely NOT!  Again, the purpose of this article was to illustrate how fast things COULD play out in rapid order.
Again, to reiterate once again, there are SOOOOO many ways that this could all play out.  But in the end, when the smoke of war clears and the blood dries up, what will be left standing will be completely fulfilled prophecy.  God’s Will be done…ALWAYS!!


I sincerely hope you all enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed pondering and writing it.  Ron, thanks again for “forcing” me to do this exercise when your excellent article yesterday!!

Ybic, MathMan