Mathman (1 Dec 2011)
"Message to Frank Molver, Ron Reese, Amanda & Leigh"


To Frank Molver:  Thanks for reiterating some of the important stuff I wrote about the “one week” covenant speech made by then President-elect hopeful Barack Obama.  AMAZING ALIGNMENT wasn’t it.  What a Great God we serve!!


To Ron Reese:  This is admittedly a half-hearted apology.  While I got mixed up with my understanding of you ministering with Jack Van Impe (which I was wrong on), your delightful response giving us information on your encounter with Jack was well worth the mistake.  I believe that we all found the story of you and your wife “covering the doors” with your tracts at Jack’s conference really remarkable.  Thanks for the clarification.  And yes, I apologize (kind ofJ).


To Amanda:  Excellent observation on buying Christmas gifts this year!!  I agree with you that it seems a useless activity this year.  I’m doing it despite my strong hunch that we most likely won’t be here after December 20th.  But who knows, things could be delayed to early 2012 – you never know.  Perhaps God even will keep us around close to April 11, 2012, but I really don’t think so for a variety of logical reasons.  So, as commanded by the Lord, we occupy like we will be here for decades and live like we’ll be Raptured tonight.  As such, Christmas gift shopping – wee, what fun!!


To Leigh:  WOW, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post!!  However, if you knew all of the foolish things I did before Jesus woke me up in a dream around 3 years ago, you would know I am no “Solomon”.  Wisdom in math?  Yes, thanks to God blessing me with this gift.  Wisdom in other areas?  Getting better, but constantly praying and learning with still SOOOO much room for improvement.  But in all humbleness, I thank you nonetheless.  But I should mention that I notice that MANY with awesome math skills have been drawn by the Lord to FiveDoves to post here.  It is a privilege to see other math whizzes takes on things, as well as what other “non-math” whizzes have to say.  God uses each of our gifts in unique and wonderful ways.  For example, you are great at uplifting and encouraging (I’ve see you do this in your other posts as well).  While I won’t speak for Ron, I am positive he wouldn’t have been upset by you comparing him to someone as amazing as John the Baptist.  Again, Leigh, thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful and encouraging post.


Ybic, MathMan