Mary Anna (3 Dec 2011)
"It's already started.."

   It's already started!  When was anybody afraid to be caught reading the Bible in the hospital?  This is so strange!  I wonder if anyone would be up in arms if the Koran was read instead.  It's well known Obama is Muslim and would have all of America the same.  I'm leaving my Presbyterian Church of 8 years because of the preacher's admiration for Obama and the fact that he thinks it's fine that the Palestinians want some of the land of Israel and should be given it.  However, if I am among people that are totally for what I am against, what am I doing there?  You wouldn't find nicer people.  However, to me they are in the camp of the enemy and undoubtedly they thought I was with them.  I've got to make a stand (against theirs) and go.  A good conservative Baptist church?  Fact is I'm Methodist from birth but they too have become disappointing, definitely changed from my childhood.
 Folks, we're in the good old USA, but more and more it's a different country with Obama at the helm.

   Dear Lord God of Israel, in Your Son Jesus's Name, do you not feel it's time that Your own should go?  We earnestly await your calling.  Amen.

Mary Anna