Mario (3 Dec 2011)
"Prayer request for Salvation and health"

Dear doves


These are very difficult days for me, my mom is dying with cancer, her name is Ramona Hernandez. She is not saved and refuses to hear my pleads to her to get her life right with the Lord. Also I need your prayers for my brother Jose Lazaro who has read the Bible, knows a lot about it but is seeking for a sign from God to accept Jesus as his Savior. I have tried time after time to explain him that is about faith but he does not seem to get it.


Please can you pray for both of them to accept Jesus as their Savior and can you please pray for my mom that she is allowed to remain alive as long as is needed for her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord.


Thank you for your time


May God bless you always and may His Face always shine before you.


Mario “the little dove”