Marilyn Agee (24 Dec 2011)
"Elliot Hong (22 Dec 2011) "Why I Still Believe This Hanukkah""

From: Marilyn Agee
Re: Elliot Hong (22 Dec 2011)
"Why I Still Believe This Hanukkah"
Merry Christmas to all. Love you all. We may have just about finished the fight.
Elliot, a familiar name, my dad spelled his name Elliott, I Still Believe This Hanukkah too.
The wise virgins and foolish virgins were awakened at the same time, but the lamps of the foolish virgins were sputtering, threatening to go out. They needed more oil. They had to go buy it, BUT olives can't be harvested after Hanukkah begins, and it takes 8 days to make new consecrated olive oil for the Temple. The Lord had to come for the wise virgins before the foolish ones came back with new oil. Therefore, it seems likely that the wise virgins would be raptured before the 8th day.
It seems to me that we just might have some signs here in our family. I was very sick yesterday, probably caught something Ed picked up in the hospital, and can't see to drive today. I knew what to do for it and banished it in one day, but can't see well. I even needed help to do my grocery shopping; I couldn't read store signs or find out if a box had Splenda on it. Until now, I have been able to drive and do all my shopping, and I prayed to be able to see to drive until the Rapture. Tomorrow, my sight could get better, but I also have another thing that could be a sign. BTW, I can still see my computer ok.
Ed said he was going to die. We have counted on going up together in the Rapture for our 65 years together, and prayed that it would be so. When a soldier, he had prayed for a Christian wife on his way home from Japan after finally getting enough points. God had to get my family to move to Kingsport, TN from Terre Haute, IN, plus some other major steps, but he did it.
Ed is sleeping so much that it is hard to get him awake enough to eat and drink liquids, even to close his mouth and suck on a straw. Sometimes I spoon liquids into his mouth, and he will swallow, but that isn't getting a whole lot into him. Tonight he only ate part of a sandwich, but ate a Sugar-Free ice cream bar I fed him with a spoon. I got him apple pie he likes for tomorrow. We are not waiting for Sunday to enjoy some of our Christmas dinner.
Dave's back is giving out on him to the point that he is lurching forward at times.
If the Rapture is really near, it would all make sense. Since Satan knew so much about the timing of things, it just might happen on Christmas. Look how hard he has worked to mess that date up so we wouldn't suspect anything. It was the sun god Tammuz' birthday in the Satanic religion Nimrod and Semiramis set up at the Tower of Babel. Their son was Tammuz. Both Nimrod and Tammuz were sun gods. Semiramis and Tammuz were the madonna and son. That false religion is how the Christmas tree got into the picture. Now there is Santa Claus too. There is increasing resistance to any city or church even putting up a nativity scene.
Christ was conceived on Kislev 24 (Hag 2:18,19), not born on Christmas. However, that passage in Haggai shows us that the Lord will bless us AFTER Kislev 24. Hanakkah started Dec 21, 2011 and runs for 8 days. Those 8 days can represent the 8 days it takes to make clarified olive oil. The wise virgins have to be raptured before the foolish virgins could buy new oil and return in 8 days. Christmas fits.
John 10:22 says that Jesus was at the Feast of Dedication and it was winter. Winter officially started in the northern hemisphere at the winter solstice this morning at 05:30 UTC on December 22, 2011. It is usually on Dec 21, but this year it is on Dec 22.
We have already had our Christmas gifts people have given us to get us out of financial trouble. Thanks so much everyone. In spite of our troubles, we just may have the greatest Christmas ever. I kept crying as I was trying to tell Ed. The X-Factor was in the 2nd hour before I could tell him. He would try to talk, and I couldn't make out what he was trying to say. I would think, "What could I get him for Christmas?" I couldn't think of anything that would make sense except something special to eat. I already shopped for that. It was sad, and yet I thought I had good news. We will soon see if I am right.
A very merry Christmas to all. Hope to see you soon.

Marilyn Agee
Elliot Hong (22 Dec 2011)
"Why I Still Believe This Hanukkah"

Dear Doves:
We all know that satan will use all kinds of lie to deceive Left Behind People.
What could be the Lord's answer to save them from it?
I believe that undeniable Scriptural evidences which tie in with all the current signs are the
most powerful weapon to lead them to find the truth.
(For this reason, I don't believe that the Rapture takes place on any regular day.)
And as far as I remember, this Hanukkah is the first time that all the overwhelming evidences
are perfectly fit together. In my opinion, these undeniable evidences could be convincing enough
to save a great multitude of people from deception. God is Love and He is the one who made all
these evidences perfectly to fit together, so it doesn't make sense if He throws them away.
If nothing happens until the last day of Hanukkah, the next possibility is Passover & Pentecost
in 2012, and we all know that the current tension in the ME can't last that long. So I still believe
and hope that the Judgment could begin over the weekend and the Departure could occur on
the 8th day of Hanukkah.  God always works at the last moment, and it'll happen suddenly and
See you soon.