Lyle Cooper (29 Dec 2011)
"RE: Bruce Warner (22 Dec 2011) "TO: Lyle Cooper RE: SCRIPTURAL DAY-COUNTS""

Bruce wrote:

"Is it not possible that God's plan is that exactly 30 days after the abomination is set up at 1,290 days before the end of the great tribulation that the five 1,260 day Scriptures you quoted will begin therefore fulfilling all the Scriptural requirements to the exact day-count?"

Is this possible? Does it agree with what the bible says?

Again I have to disagree, simply because Daniel tells us the abomination divides the week into half. I think God's math is better that that! And John proves it with the 42 months that the city will be trampled, with the 1260 days of testifying, with the 1260 days of fleeing, with the 3.5 years of protection, and with the 42 months of authority given to the Beast. Can 1290 days fit into any of these?  1290/30 = 43.

Bruce, John made this SO SIMPLE: five different mentions of the last half of the week: two given as 1260 days, two given as 42 months, and one given as time, times and half of time. Add to these the two mentions of the time, times and half of time in Daniel, and we have SEVEN texts telling us the last half of the week is 1260 days.

We have ONE (1) verse that mentions 1290 days, and not specifically speaking of the end of the week. 

With your example, we have 43 months - abomination - 42 months (
1260 days). Even a 5th grader can divide better than that. The abomination in your case does not divide the week into two halves.

Sorry, but I don't think your scenario fits the scriptures. There are just too many scriptures telling us otherwise.