Lyle Cooper (13 Dec 2011)
""Re:  Amy VanGerpen (10 Dec 2011)  "For those that believe that Jesus will return in 2015"""


Dismas:  You wrote,

"6-11-9 plus 1290 days (Daniel 12:11) is when the abomination of desolation is set up, on Saturday, 12-22-12.  This is a reference to the winter, Sabbath day from Matt 24:"

Please explain your reasoning here? The abomination comes in the middle, dividing the week. (Dan. 9:27) It is quite clear in that verse. Therefore, the extra 30 days given in Dan. 12 cannot be referencing the abomination event. Next, we have not yet started the 70th week. Therefore the midpoint is not going to come until at least 1260 days from now, not some time in 2012.

"The US is the false prophet and as such, Obama is currently the false prophet (because Satanists are very literal in fulfilling prophecies, I believe Herman Cain will be the true False Prophet in charge of the monetary system and enforcement of the worship of the antichrist – Cain will hand out the "mark of Cain" /mark of protection to Satan's followers.)  When we look at Daniel 6..."

What on earth? I don't think Herman Cain would like this accusation at all! This is just wild speculation: man's imagination gone wild. The US cannot be the false prophet. Neither will Herman Cain. Perhaps you should look in the direction of Maitreya. I do agree with you that Obama is NOT and will never be the Antichrist.

Please, Doves, let's read and believe the scriptures. Babylon the Great, as the woman riding the beast in Rev. 17, IS A GREAT CITY. (See the last verse in chapter 17.) What city? Of course the city of Jerusalem, but only while the Antichrist is ruling and deceiving the entire world from there.