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"Noah’s Ark: The Rapture in the 10th (Last) Generation?"


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Noah’s Ark: “The Season of Noe”
The Rapture in the 10th (Last) Generation? –from the rebirth of Israel?

By Luis B. Vega

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"By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear; prepared an Ark to the saving of his house; by which he condemned the whole world."  -Hebrews 11:7


The purpose of this short study & chart/timeline is to show that this period of time we are currently in may well correspond to the modern counterpart of the time when Noah witnessed the Deluge came to judge the then known world . There will be several points presented that can lend credence to the possible timing of the coming Judgment & who is being judged & also the deliverance from it i.e. the Rapture of the Church. The theories presented will be taken from a Dispensationalist time-line point of view & from Hebrew Scriptures; Book of Genesis 7 & 8 primarily. The information presented will only emphasize patterns & types. For Illustration Purposes Only. No Predictions are made.

-  Jesus Christ attested to the Deluge account as being a fact & not fiction in Luke 17 as do most world civilizations that have a flood story.
- Christ declared that before His 2nd coming, the world would be Judged in like matter as in the ‘Days of Noah’ & on the verge of the LORD’s ‘New World Order.”
- 2 intersecting comets of 1996 & 1997 could be the confirmation of a cosmic countdown to the end of the ‘Season of Noah’ in our day.
- Noah died in 2006 BC, it could correspond to 2006 AD as a significant time-marker.
- It took Noah 120 years to complete the Ark, another possible correlation could then be the 120 year count.
- Using a Year-for-Day count, the 120 Years could = 120 months from 2006. This pattern could reveal when the coming Judgment would possibly start.
- The Seal Judgments, not the Rapture starts the Tribulation, regardless if it’s 7 or 3.5 years in length. The Rapture identifies the Anti-Christ.
- The Tribulation is the Start of the Scroll Seals Judgment initiated by the breaking of them by Christ after some piont in tame after the Rapture.
- The Judgment of the Deluge came upon multiple entities, 1) lucifer’s work/fallen angles, 2) the Nephalim, & 3) the World.
- So too it will in the future Tribulation Judgment on 1) lucifer/fallen angels w/Anti-Christ, 2) the World, & 3)Israel (for discipline to turn hearts to Messiah).

1) ’X’ Marks the Spot
One postulate or type is from what some Biblical researches have already discovered. It is in regards to the 2 comets, Hyakutake of 1996 & Hale-Bopp of 1997. Both comets crossed the same star Algol in the constellation Perseus exactly 1 year apart on April 11. Both comets crossed precisely over the "evil eye" of the star Algol. Algol is referred to as the "Ghoul" or "Ras-Shaitan" ("Head of satan") as in Medusa’s head that was cut off by Perseus. Hale means to be strong & to drag forcibly, Bop(p) means to hit. This comet’s meaning could allude to the Head of the Serpent or lucifer in Gen 3:15 that was/is promised to be crushed by the Messiah to come & has. Consequently, lucifer is thus destined to be cast out or "X'd out" of Heaven due to the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. This may have a profound prophetic implication in terms of when the timing of this coming Judgment will commence. Thus lucifer has been placed on notice of his demise. During the Tribulation, he will literally be running around like a chicken with its head chopped off! I believe that this ‘dragging’ down of lucifer to the Earth will not only coincide with the commencement of Judgment of lucifer, but of the World & of National Israel as well. There could be though a gap or some time in-between this event as the Rapture could take place some time prior to this. I do believe that this double comet phenomena is an important cosmic clue to the possible timing of when this scenario could possibly happen. When? Well, a possible clue is that

A) it so happened that Hale-Bopp not only crossed Algol on the ‘Passover of Zachariah’ in 1997,
B) but exactly a year later on Passover, April 11,1998 the comet Hale-Bopp exited the skies.

This possible scenario/sequence & repetition of this Cosmic Omen could be sounding the alarm that on a future Passover season or date the Events could commence! So the next possible high-watch season is the 2012 Passover weeks. Also it will have to take into account the age-old discussion of just which Hebrew calendar it will be based on?!

Comet Hale-Bopp
According to Jewish oral traditions, three days before the death of Methusalem, a comet appeared (Hale-Bopp?) in the month of April in the constellation Pisces. According to some current scientific authorities who did some orbital calculation models on Hale-Bopp, the comet last appeared in our solar system around 4,210 years ago. According to the ancient Jewish text Seder Olam-Rabah, the comet corresponded approximately to the same year that Noah BEGAN building the Ark. Having Hale-Bopp appear again in 1997 can possibly then signify the counterpart modern-day start of the "Season of Noah." If this is so, then it was & is the beginning of a final countdown to God’s Judgment to come before His 2nd Coming in Glory. Interestingly, the comet Hale-Bopp was discovered by two Jewish men; possibly foreshadowing the 2 Witnesses needed in establishing a matter with Jewish testimonies & to echo the 2 Witnesses to come on the scene during the Tribulation Period in Israel –yet in the future.


2) A Re-Birthing
Shem, from where the Semites come from, was alive for about ten generations after the Flood. Abraham, the 9th Generation from Shem, was alive for 150 years before Shem died, Abraham's son Isaac was alive for 50 years before Shem died. The entire direct line from Noah was still alive up until Abraham was 50 years old.  What is interesting is that Shem did not die until Jacob (Israel) was 50 years old also. Here we have another very important clue in the ’50-Year’ pattern, perhaps?  Jacob, the father of the nation of Israel could be yet another clue then. He could be somehow connected with this 50-Year pattern from the death of Shem in relation to the ‘Re-Birthing’ of the Nation in our modern times. Many Biblical scholars believe that this entity is none other than the modern State of Israel. So we have Jacob @ the 50-Year mark & Israel (the Nation) @ the 50-Year mark! Thus, at a ‘certain time’ from Israel’s 50th Year anniversary could possibly correspond to when the scenario & events of  God's Judgment is to take place.


Israel’s ‘Re-Birth’ was solidified in 1948, then by adding Jacob’s ‘50-Year’ pattern to this time piece with Israel, you happen to land on 1998. Coincidentally, the comet Hale-Bopp left the skies in 1998 on Passover. A possible equation could be IF the 50th year since 1948 is 1998, then the generation count from 1948 is also then the benchmark. Since Noah was the 10th Generation or the ‘Last’ one from Adam at the time of the Flood, will the Judgment then happen at the ‘Last Generation’ from Israel’s rebirth in our time? Using Psalm 90’s definition of the length of a Generation as being 70 years, then the count would land you on 2018. Another clue would then be to correlate the time it took for Noah to build the Ark; t was said to have been 120 years. Thus if you use the Year-for-Day count, you have a 120 Month count from Noah's death 2006. Thus from 2006AD, we can use this count to see what comes up... possibly.

a) 120 years = 120 months
b) 120 month x 30 days (Hebrew) = 3600 days/356 days (Wetern) = 9.8 years
c) 9.8 years + 2006AD = 2015.6 PASSOVER?! Is this when the possible Judgment might start?

d) 2015.6 minus 7 YEARS = 2012.3?! Is this when the possible Rapture might take place then?

e) 1997=7+7+7=2018 (1997 is when the 1st comet appeared)

The year 1998 corresponded to the Jewish year 5758. The year 1998 happen to be the 50th Anniversary of Israel’s rebirth. Also when converting the number 5758 to its equivalent in Hebrew letters, it translates to the "Season of Noah."  Thus here is another powerful clue to suggest that the founding of Israel –as with Jacob, has indeed started the final countdown to this pending Judgment coming onto lucifer, the World & Israel. It might seem too simplistic but perhaps; as to when the Rapture could then to take place is still up in the air, pardon the pun.

3) The Royal Entourage
Another type of the Ark can be seen in Solomon. In Song of Solomon, Solomon came to his Beloved in a lifted-up type of ‘Ark’, a merkava if you will. As the Ark of Noah was used by God as a vehicle to deliver Noah, his family & the animals from the Flood (judgment), the Rapture could be likewise taken as the ‘Ark’ figuratively as Christ comes to meet His Beloved & gathers His Bride in the Air like all the animals were gathered to Noah’s Ark. I am absolutely not ascribing to the notion that a UFO 'mother ship' will appear as some have erroneously suggested as such with comet Elenin. But it would not be too far-fetched to ascertain the notion that lucifer & his minions will be all too prepared to use this opportunity to exploit the Rapture event. IF the Rapture does happen to coincide with lucifer’s casting down and/or immanent destruction of some sort, he could use his casting down as being some sort of UFO Alien explanation of his arrival & thus part of the ‘Lie’ that will be believed by the masses once the Rapture does take place.


Like Solomon, Christ at the point of the Rapture comes to meet His Beloved with an entourage to be escorted into Glory forevermore in preparation for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Realize that there was a 7-Day waiting period before Noah could disembark into the ‘New Word’. So too, possibly, this could allude to the 7 Year period the Bride will be in waiting -in Glory & then only comes out from the Bridal Chamber to accompany the LORD at His Return at the Battle of Armageddon? If it will be in December 2011, or sometime at the Passover Season of 2012 or 2015 or beyond will remain to be seen.


4) Cracking the Rapture Code
In Luke 17:24-36, an important clue about the timing & sequence of how it all will come down is given by the LORD Himself. Christ, in the same breath spoke of...

a) The Glory,
b) The Judgment &
c) The Rapture

This Scripture sequence appears to be in reverse order since at the point of Christ's physical Return, He will conclude the Judgment. A Rapture (a snatching away) happens before the judgments & the judgments then happen before the glorification of the Son of Man. So this other clue also lends support that the Rapture is a type of ‘Ark.’ This Scripture portion from verses 24-36 are incredibly intertwined but it does not take intense discernment to ascertain the sequence of events. It appears to be in reverse order from what I understand events are to take place as presented by the Prophet Daniel & the book of Revelation, Ezekiel, Zechariah etc. It’s like if you need to play a record backwards. A Rapture (a snatching away) happens before the judgments & the judgments then happen before the glorification of the Son of Man. It would follow then that the Rapture’s timing IS foretold then by the very words of Christ himself. So it would appear that the Rapture -as a type of ‘Ark’ will happen as people will be ‘taken’ out before the Judgment falls & before Christ’s public 2nd coming. Then as the Rainbow was given as a ‘Sign’ AFTER the Judgment of the Flood, then when the Rapture does take place, it will be that ‘SIGN’ BEFORE the Judgment to come to lucifer, the World & Israel is to take place. It will be the ‘sign’ that the Judgments of the LORD’s Seals have begun anew as with the Deluge. Perhaps. The following is the section of the passage from
Luke 17:  

24For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. 25But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation. 26And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. 27They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.  28 “It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. 29 But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. 30Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. 34I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. 35Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 36Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left..” -Luke 17. 

Brief Study of Noah:
 נֹחַ, נוֹח was the last of the antediluvian Patriarchs. Noah’s name is related to the Hebrew word to “rest” (nûaḥ). It is believed that Noah was the 10th Generation & last from Adam. Noah is said to have died in the year 2006 from Adam at the age of 950 years. It is speculated that the Flood occurred in the year 1656 when Noah was 600 years old. He lived 350 more years after in the New World- ‘the rebirth.’ God commanded Noah to build an Ark (boat). The purpose of the Ark was to act as a vehicle of deliverance from the Judgment of the Old World due to the level of wickedness from lucifer work, the נפלים, Nefilīm & mankind. God decided to destroy the world except for Noah & his family. Noah & his wife had 3 sons Japheth, Ham & Shem along with their wives. A total of only 8 people were saved. It is interesting that most ancient cultures have a Flood story; from the Hindus, Samaritans, Mayan, etc. For example, the word for ‘boat’ in Chinese is a character combining a vessel, the number 8 & people. It was not until Moses pinned the details given to him from the LORD Himself on Mt. Sinai of the Flood account that we see the cause & effect to some degree.


It is said that the flood waters covered the tops of the mountains. Realize that the Earth before the Flood was very different. The continents were all together & named Pangaea by today’s Anthropologists & Geologists. It is also speculated that there was a protective ozone layer called a ‘water canopy’ that blocked the Sun’s radiation thus people & animals grew taller & lived longer. The water canopy watered the Earth from above as there was no rain, nor weather patterns or seasons. It was one big greenhouse. Thus the mountains we think of may not have been that high as some are now. When the Deluge started, the water canopy collapsed, the water from above fell & the water from below the Earth added to the overall volume needed to cover the Earth entirely. The account also tell us that all the volcanoes were erupting at that time –as we are now seeing in the Earth today…seemingly going into labor pains of sorts with all the increasing amounts of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes etc.


There are actually several types of ‘Arks’ referred to in the Bible. Most of the Ark types are associated with water & facing East to some extent. The main & original One is in Heaven at the Throne Room of God. There are some excellent studies on how all these models really reflect the meaning & finished work of Christ Jesus. Following is a summarized list to the various types.


Ark in LORD’s Throne:  This is the Original that is best known to exist. It is resting on the Sea of Glass of Sapphire that is bluish in color before the very Throne Room or Tabernacle (House) of God. (Rev 11:19)


Ark of Noah: This model was little over half as large as a modern US Navy aircraft carrier. It had only 1 door said to be on the east side – the direction from which Christ would appear at His 2nd Coming. It had 3 levels. Its construction appears to have taken about 120 years. The Genesis account places the Ark’s resting place in the land of Ararat which is the region where Turkey, Iran & Armenia border each other.


Ark of Moses: The Biblical word for this ark or container is "tebah." This type of "ark" was made of bulrushes (Ex2:3) & it also lacked a keel or rudder or means of propulsion as Noah’s. Moses, as a babe was found by an Egyptian Princes on the Nile River to provide deliverance for the Israel out of the waters if you will. Moses means ‘drawn out of water.’ Interestingly, Moses & Messiah originate from the same Hebrew root word.


Ark of the Covenant: This golden ‘boat’ or chest/throne chair (Mercy Seat) was constructed of shittim wood like Noah’s Ark (Ex25:10). It could only be transported on the shoulders of the Levites. This Ark that Israel had was a facsimile or a copy of the one in Heaven. This Ark is tied in to Moses. The Ark contained a copy of the Law, a jar of Manna & Aaron’s Staff that budded.


Tabernacle Tenons:  The Tabernacle of Moses had 48 Tenons or boards overlaid with gold that made up the structure. This Tabernacle housed the Ark of the Covenant that accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness. Interestingly, the Tenons had the same dimensional proportions & an opening groove at its center much like that of the door on the side of Noah’s Ark had.


Argo Ship Carina: This constellation in the Heavens (Cosmos) is referred to as ‘Noah’s Ark’ in the stars taking the Pilgrims safely home sailing on the Milky Way ‘River’. The constellation used to be 1 whole one but has since been divided into several parts. You have the Stern (Puppis), a Compass (Pyxis), the Sail (Vela) & the Flying Fish (Volans) or ‘dove’ in some depictions. It is interesting that this ‘Celestial Boat’ is next to Centaur piercing the ‘Victim’ Lupus that is crucified. (Southern Cross). This ‘Celestial Boat’ is next to Centaur piercing the ‘Victim’ Lupus that is crucified. This is how one is qualified to be on board the Ark, through the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross –our Ark of Salvation.


Body of the Messiah: The physical body of Jesus Christ is said to be a type of an ‘Ark’ according to St. Augustine & other for sure. The side door of Noah’s Ark corresponds to the wound Jesus received on the Cross by the piercing on His side, (through rib cage & through the heart) -as if a an open door was made through His actual flesh; where water mingled with blood flowed out to atone for humanity’s sins.


If the Flood/Judgment in Noah’s day is to be used as a type & pattern for the one coming still in these Last Days before the Return to Jesus Christ, then the Rapture is also then interwoven in the scenario & sequence. The question remains of what will be the exact timing in relation to Noah’s timeline of events –which is tricky. Will it be at the closing of the ‘Door’? Or at the beginning of the ‘Flood’ after the 7 Day waiting period? At the end of the 40 day rain? At the end of the additional 7 Day count? After the Land had dried out? Or when the LORD actually told them to disembark? In the Spring or the Fall? Regardless of much speculation, there was only one door to get into Noah’s Ark; just one way to board this ship of deliverance as with Christ that can only save us & bring us to the New World/Kingdom of God.


In God’s timing, He only knows when the ‘door’ will be shut & the Rapture of the Gathered Ones is to take place. He calls us to be patient as Noah was. Noah had no control over the door, just the window. So we too can just see a glimpse of what is happening or is about to happen from our vantage point. What is our 'window?'  It is the window the LORD has provided in the prophetic portions of Scripture … we may not know the ‘day nor the hour’ of the Rapture, but we do know that the LORD commands us to watch …at the window -figuratively so as to keep testing the waters with doves of peace if you will. We do then need  to be ‘Watcher’ like Noah. The 'thunder clouds' of the LORD's pending Judgment are forming...


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