Little David (2 Dec 2011)
"re: Sara B and Doves: Rapture Card"

Hi Sara and Doves,
Thanks for the compliments, Sara.  I’m going to receive the an order of 500 rapture card shipment within a few days from Vistaprint (see attachment from Little David 28 Nov letter) and will be distributing them. However, If you like me to send an order to you and other Doves, please let me know if you want to receive them for you and your prayer team’s distribution. To do this, you might ask John for my email for this purpose to protect our confidentiality. Another way is to go to and create the design suited to your style. Once you get in the website, look to click on folded business card, then write “sky” on the design search. The pattern I use is on the sixth row. From there, you can go through motions to type in the words you wanted to appear on the card. There are many options to play with. It an amazing technology that I could never imagine doing this without any outside help. It’s easy once you get the hang of it and experiment. It’s fun too.
God Bless,
Little David