Leslie Fain (23 Dec 2011)
"End of Year?"

Hi Doves and John
A week ago early in the morning I was talking to a friend on the phone and I said I know we will not be here by next year and my 7 year old granddaughter was sleeping next to me and she yelled out YEAH! She was sleeping!!! And continued on sleeping I tried shaking her to see if she was awake. So I am trying to guess if her yeah was for the end of this year or gone by next year! Anyway I wanted to share with you.

Dr Owour will be having a revival on Dec 30,31 and Jan 1. I had been listening to his Norway speech I think and he was talking about the Dec 30 meeting and was naming all the nations that will be there and then just said Minnesota it kinda blew me away because I live in Minnesota!!

Well I am just waiting to hopefully be worthy to meet my Lord! My truck got repoed today and my daughter in law was upset but I just told her I have just given it up to the Lord He will provide as He always has done in my life. Things are very financially tight right now and I am just trusting God. Everything around me is in turmoil so evil is growing. We need to stay in prayer!!

I hope to meet you all soon!
God Bless and Merry Christmas!