Leigh (6 Dec 2011)
"John and all Doves!!!"

Mr Tony Blair and his group of people decided to try and get all religions together under one roof. Well two members of the Sanhedrin and a person named Adnan Oktar from Turkey, got together to begin this idea and planned to start building Solomon's temple near the Dome of the Rock.... They believe" ....we all have ONE GOD and all of us are descendants of Abraham so we can all worship together, no matter WHAT religion you are......" Catholic, Muslim Islam you name it!!! The two members of the Sanhedrin agreed and the decision was made. On Saturday theres a blood moon just after 5 am Pacific Standard Time and Bible students all know what that means!!!  Dr. Owuor prophesied about an event coming when " the moon will be between the earth and the sun and there will be lots of thunder and lightning and it will be very spectacular!!!!"  I havent worked it out but it may be 11pm Saturday in Australia which means 4 pm in Rwanda Eastern- Africa so there could be a possibility of the Rapture while he is still preaching, please refer to Jesus is Lord-Radio.  NASA says the moon will seem to be extra big due to the reflection of the sun and advise people to get up early and not to miss it!!!  Guys, this is something to look forward to especially now that we know that W W III is looming on the horizon. Theres a person on YouTube calling himself OutrageousNerdz who has some very interesting stuff about the antichrist. Things are happening so fast lately its hard to keep up. Rumours of prince Charles have it  that he is trying to become the prince of Romania which is the origen of Catholicism.  Could it be that he will then give his throne to  prince William?    Reading  about Britain-Israelism  is a real eye-opener. Try and make time to read all about it. Time is short,  MAKE TIME FOR GOD. Study the Bible, pray pray, pray!!!!  Eternity is FOREVER!!!!  Thankyou JESUS for Golgotha Thankyou GOD for your precious Son!!  Thankyou beautiful Holy Spirit for teaching us about Your Holy Name!!!! Maranatha!!!!  Love Leigh.