Leigh (29 Dec 2011)
"ALERT to  the BRIDE of JESUS, John, Ron Reese and Mathman"

A CHILLING REPORT.  With all the war drums beating in the Middle East and monks attacking each other with BROOMS!!!!! in one of the most holy sites where the police had to break up the melee, a church in Bethlehem Israel, a most amazing thing points to what Elvi saw is going to happen in USA.   The Phobos Russian space rocket which was launched to Mars failed to fire its rockets. The General Director of Roscosmos, the federal Space agency,  mr Popovkin says someone must have "overrided its command " and they reckon it could be HAARP  USA who caused it. Mr Obama is desperate to get rid of all Americans because of the trillions of debt and the collapse of the US dollar and if this thing is going to fall on America which is highly likely, they can blame America and total WW III will break out. Mrs Faal says the butterfly effect which is caused by the mathematical theory that initial conditions can alter something is to blame for the fault. Obama has already opened the gates to Fema and lots of guillotines were bought from China. It is supposed that 90% of Americans will be dead within a year if this be true. Elvi said get out of USA if you can and predicted a huge earthquake and a tsunami as well as WW III..... This Phobos contains NonNuclear but over 7 tonnes of highly toxic hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide. CAN THIS BE THE CAUSE FOR A TSUNAMI AND WW III   ???? It will burn an area of over 1,000 kilometres!!!!  Also 14,000 Americans have already died from the Fukushima nuclear fallout since March 2011. In Australia one mother and a nanny on different occasions killed two children dissected them and a woman threw a dog out of the window from a highrise. Also a bill approved for bestiality?????  If GOD doesnt judge us now HE will have to say sorry to Sodom and Gomorrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Guys look up, if Elvi is right, were out of here. This thing is falling to earth, our redemption is here!!!!   READ RON REESEs post for it looks like HE IS RIGHT, END JANUARY BE THE RAPTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!  Thankyou JESUS we want to go home!!!!!  Love Leigh Australia.