Leigh (14 Dec 2011)

I dont know how many of you listened to the video which was send from Harvey Troyer. The person who made it was Elvi Zappata. Also I do not know where he got it from. But last night when I came across it and have listened to it I asked GOD for a confirmation so that I may know if it is true. Anyway, I just started to listen to it then my computer said the battery is flat, ONLY FOUR MINUTES LEFT. I checked everything but all was fine. I called my friend Chris and he said maybe the wall socket is dead. I said but how can that be for Ive been using it now for the past few months and nothing was wrong? Sure enough when we tried another one it proofed to be the problem!. I found it very very strange. When I finished listening to this I asked for a confirmation but decided to just read the emails before starting Bible study. The very first one was a christmas blessing from the real estate angents, guess what they have on that page?   A small angel with flapping wings in the air while blowing a golden trumpet!!!!  WOW!!!! Then in my bedroom I asked GOD where I should read and He said Isaiah 30. Well I couldnt find any confirmation there but just before falling asleep I heard a voice saying: What page number did you read on?  Huh? When I got up this morning, yes you are right, I opened my Afrikaans Bible at Isaiah 30 and it was page 666...... The dead plug was the enemy, the 666 means that his time has come and the little angel announces the RAPTURE!!!!!Another word that GOD gave me is Isaiah 60 about the GLORY OF THE LORD THAT IS COMING.  Elvi Zappata sent a warning to the people to New York, New Jersey, Boston etc as well as California to get out of there and says after a tsunami hits New York the rapture will take place. Sorry I dont know where to find this video, it could be on YouTube but Im not sure. Also a war coming to Israel.  May GOD have mercy on these people. See you in the banquet hall very very very soon, maybe before Christmas. GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!   Leigh.