Leigh (13 Dec 2011)
"amazing what GOD showed me today............"

I think all of you have seen my other letter today so this is number II.  I took the first book of Matthew and read the generations since Abraham which is a total of 42. Why havent put GOD the previous generations in Matthew?  I have an Afrikaans (South African) translation of the book of Enoch. In chapter 9 four of the angels asked GOD what He is going to do about the Nephilim who had children with the daughters of the men on earth. So GOD destroyed the earth with the flood and we read in Enoch that GOD sent him to make a door in the desert and put Azazel in it for it was him who started all the sin upon the earth. (Im not sure about the translation of his name.)  He would be bound for SEVENTY generations till the day of Judgment when everything  will be fulfilled always and forever.  The New Testament starts a new era from Abraham adding up to 42 generations and when we add our 28 generations it gives us a total of 70. Enoch passed the judgment on to the fallen angels which happened shortly before the flood of Noah. What I forgot to say is if JESUS was born 4 BC the time should be up by 2012 or rather the end of the age as we know it. According to Matthew chapter 1 Abraham started the 70 year ( if Im right?) generation timeline.   David says in Psalms our days are 70 years or if we are strong then 80....  I worked this out on a 72 year aged generation.....Lets thank our mighty Creator for the privilege being part of His holy family. We will meet each other SOON when the shofar blows!!!!!   All glory to GOD ALMIGHTY. Thankyou Father!!!!  Love. Leigh