Leigh (12 Dec 2011)
"I asked GOD about the Rapture......"

A few weeks ago I asked GOD to help me understand the Scriptures. So last night I asked Him when the Rapture would take place. He said to me to go read about Samson and the honey.  So I opened the bible at Judges 14. Samson asked his father to help him get this certain wife (Israel???)  On his way he killed a lion. When he went back on this road again  he saw honey which he scraped out into his hand eating while he was walking and giving some to his parents as well.  This is a symbol of His love, for what is sweeter than the love of the father???  So he prepared a feast inviting 30 of his friends. While they were celebrating FOR SEVEN DAYS!!!!  he gave them this riddle about a strong one and sweetness.  Now we are eating the sweet honey of Gods love every day asking him WHEN WILL THE RAPTURE BE???  What an awesome GOD we serve giving me this beautiful story to let me know he heard my prayer!!!  I then took my calculator and worked out how many generations we have been since Jesus was born. In Matthew 1 we see thet every time there were 14 generations.  So if you take 2016 divided by 28 generations, 14 X 2,   it gives you a lifespan of 72 years. 72 times 28 equals 2016. Maybe that is when Jesus will come back to earth??? If it will be in September then the antichrist cannot be revealed later than the end of March 2013. The more I read about what all of you say the more excited I get.  I give GOD ALL THE GLORY FOR TALKING TO ME LAST NIGHT and even if Im wrong we know we are almost there!!! Pastor Paul Begley says is very possible that the Tribulation started on Saturday night when there was a blood moon.... GOD CONFIRMED his love for all of us revealing the sweet honey from the LION of Judah and I think especially all the Doves and John for we are a HUGE part of the family of GOD.  Maybe we are the neck of His body who is turned by the HEAD looking in all directions if we can see a cloud or hear the sound of the shofar. But one thing is for sure. JESUS said to them which He says to all:  WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love Leigh. Australia.