K.S. Rajan (7 Dec 2011)
"We are in the end times?-a letter from a friend"



“The Lord told Moses to give this order to the people of Israel: ‘When you
   enter the land of Canaan, it will become your land to pass on as an
   inheritance.”  (Numbers 34:1-2)
Shalom Sam,
Are you keeping an eye on the news and all the signs suggesting that
   we are in the end times?
   The economies of the 197 countries in the world are closely tied together,
   and the rise of a global currency and government may be closer than we think.
   The prophecies in John’s book of revelation, written 2000 years ago, seem
   to match up with how money is transferred electronically through microchips
   embedded in cell phones, credit cards, and in the not too distant future
   implanted within our bodies for which trials have been taking place for more
   than 15 years.
   Unlike a decade ago, we can now be traced by our cell phones, GPS
   in our cars, and cameras tracking our streets, highways, and in public
   locations.  We can ignore all this, or pay attention to these end-time signs.
Another major sign before the Messiah returns being fulfilled is that
   nations of the world are turning against Israel.
And today, Israel’s enemies, both Arab and non-Arab, are attacking her very
   existence with a war of ideas that has taken on global proportions.
This global campaign has become known in the popular vocabulary
   as “delegitimization.”
The Jewish State of Israel faces a mounting tide of attacks on its legitimacy
   in the realms of diplomacy, politics, academia, and even from within the
   Evangelical Christian Church.
   The diplomatic and political attacks are perhaps the least surprising, since
   modern-day Israel was created by an international vote in the United Nations
   on the heels of the Holocaust, as the Jews were in need of their own
   homeland in which they could have security.
   On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted to
   approve a plan to partition what was then the British Mandate of “Palestine”
   —a name signifying a geographic area, not a country—in which both a
   Jewish State and an Arab State would reside.

Jerusalem, Israel - the Holy City, also called Zion in the Bible.
The city of Jerusalem (whose municipal boundaries had been expanded by
   the UN to include Bethlehem) would not be in either new state, according to
   the plan, but would be placed under the trusteeship of the UN, to be shared
   by all the people of the world.
While the Jews agreed with the plan, the Arabs didn’t.
In 1948, when the British officially left the area, and Israel declared itself
   a nation, the Arab world declared war on the Jews in Israel.
   The Jews, despite being outnumbered and with no allies and few weapons,
   won a series of decisive victories.
In the course of this conflict, most of the Arab residents fled to Lebanon,
   Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the Gaza Strip. 
   Some left because they were threatened by Jewish troops, but most left
   because the governments of the surrounding Arab countries told them to get
   out of the way so that the Arab armies could march in and drive the Jews out.
However, the plans of the Arab neighboring countries to destroy the new
   Jewish State didn't work out.
   Israel defeated the combined forces of five Arab armies and retained the
   lands that it had won during the initial stage of the fighting.
Israel Defense Force (IDF) paratroopers at
   Jerusalem's Western (Wailing) Wall shortly after
   capturing the Temple Mount in 1967.  Because
   the Old City is an area holy to Judaism, to preserve
   the area, the battle was fought street-by -street
   without heavy armor.
Egypt, however, had gained control of the Gaza Strip, and Jordan controlled
   the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.
In 1967, when the Arab world once again amassed itself against Israel, the
   small Jewish military, with God doing His miracles in the background,
   defeated her enemies during the Six Day War.
   During the Six Day War, Israel secured Gaza and the West Bank, and
   united East and West Jerusalem.  The Holy City with both Jewish and Muslim
   residents was now under Jewish control for the first time in 2000 years.
   Did you know that Jerusalem is mentioned by name 620 times in the Tanakh
   (Old Testament) and another 141 times in the Brit Chadashah (New
   Testament), but it is not even mentioned once by name in the Koran?
Jerusalem: Fact and Fiction
“For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake and for My servant
   David’s sake.”  (2 Kings 19:34)
   Although the facts of the 1948 and 1967 wars are well-supported by
   independent international news reports, photographs, etc., the Arabs prefer
   to promote fictitious narratives instead.
   The Palestinian leaders, along with their allies in the Arab and Muslim world,
   are fond of repeating an anti-Israel narrative where “the Jews have no rights
   in Jerusalem.”
Furthermore, in this deception, the Jews are presented as usurpers and
   outsiders who conquered Jerusalem by brutally massacring and ethnically
   cleansing the people who had peacefully lived there for centuries.
   An additional spin to these lies explains that the only way the Jews could win
   Jerusalem was through help from the big Western powers such as the United
   States, who are bent on a modern day crusade against Islam.   This
   supposed crusade also includes a devious plot to control Arab countries to
   insure stable supplies of oil and natural gas.
   As if these lies were not enough, Israel is slandered as the world’s only
   apartheid state, brutally occupying another people and oppressing them while
   it flaunts international law.
Sadly, many people including Christians have bought into these lies.