K.S. Rajan (30 Dec 2011)
"‘US, Israel discuss ‘triggers’ for Iran attack’ "

‘US, Israel discuss ‘triggers’ for Iran attack’
 Tareq al-Hashemi speaks during an interview with AFP
in Qalachwalan, north of Sulaimaniyah, on Sunday
(AFP, Shwan Mohammed)
Media reports on Wednesday suggested the Obama administration had developed
red lines for determining when to strike militarily against Iran.
American news site The Daily Beast reported that in recent weeks, Washington had taken steps to reassure Israel “that the administration had its own ‘red lines’ that would trigger military action against Iran, and that there is no need for Jerusalem to act unilaterally.”
According to the website, remarks by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta earlier this month that were perceived as tough on Israel triggered pressure on the Obama administration to clarify its stance on such military action.
Mossad chief:
Nuclear Iran not necessarily existential threat to Israel
Tamir Pardo says Israel using various means to foil Iran's nuclear program, but if Iran actually obtained nuclear weapons, it would not mean destruction of Israel.
Note: Does the Mossad actually believe this or not taking the apocalyptic threat serious?