K.S. Rajan (29 Dec 2011)
"2012, A Very Good Year?"

Q. In reviewing what one website has said about December 21,2012 I found an interesting statement.
“It looks like this gravitational cosmic tsunami could cause the sun to scorch the earth. That means that the only immediate survivors would be people in the underground cities, caves, and submarines.”
If I’m correct you said in an article that it is possible the sixth seal and prophecy concerning Dec 21,2012 could be one and the same. If so, that would make the Rapture very very soon. What do you think?
A. I’ve speculated on the possibility of the Magnetic Polar Reversal predicted for 2012 being the fulfillment of the 6th Seal judgment of Rev. 6 based on comparing scientific descriptions of what it could cause to happen with the Bible’s description of the 6th Seal judgment.
Scorching the earth like that would be an extreme outcome that in my opinion is more likely to happen in Rev. 16:8, the 4th Bowl judgment. But yes, if the polar reversal fulfills Rev. 6 then the Rapture is very near